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  • Autumn shallow mouth with a single shoes, elegant temperament feminine

    Autumn sandals have been shelved now is the most to wear a single shoe, and if the most comfortable it is none other than flat, and comfortable with the feet comfortable with it is easy to control, shallow mouth wear off convenience. Do not feel pure color system looks simple but very different on the feet, the color of the unique personality, the foot is still very white lining, coupled with the skirt is temperament refined. Feet on the instep of the bow so that the simple shoe body looks add a little sense of playful, pointed foot on the foot full of foot delicate, usually accompanied by simple pants is very personal. Round nike outlet store shoes do not pick the foot type can wear, comfortable feet comfortable, color Western style personality, not accustomed to wearing high-heeled sister is definitely a very good welfare. Very warm and dazzling red most of the Western style, and his eyes bright eyes compared to the same as with the black it, patent leather uppermost looks very grade, but oh. Shoes body grid pattern classic fashion, black and white nikes shoes, lightweight and comfortable to wear light, comfortable feet for the fat feet in terms of feet, but absolutely thin, fashion wild.

    Shoes, small foot on the feet full of new nike shoes foot delicate, shoe body fabric is still a little waterproof, the most rain is the way out of the water, and wear it, but really wear. Often shopping sister, but it is very suitable for flat shoes, wear more and more are not afraid to walk tired, Western style, whether it is nike sale skirt or pants with up the feet are the United States and the United States da.

    2017-09-01 11:13:39
  • Classification and characteristics of leather sandals

    One is full of shoes based on the chisel of various shapes of the eye or dig out various types of flower holes; Second, the combination of various shapes of the strip; Third, with a variety of shapes woven holes. Leather sandals according to the style can also be divided into full help leather sandals, before and after full of hollow leather sandals, before and after the air full of leather sandals, before the full empty leather sandals, before and after the full-style nike shop leather sandals and full- Class, and each have cheap nike shoes their own characteristics. Full of leather sandals and the basic structure of the nike shoes for sale same low waist shoes, but in the upper above the knocking out of various shapes of the eye, the purpose is to increase the coolness to meet the needs of summer wear. Sandals upper part of the braided parts or all the upper is made of woven sandals, collectively known as woven sandals. Mostly the whole structure of the whole, is also full of sandals. Men, women have shoes, reflecting the craft beauty, skills, beauty, rhythm and rhythm of the United States and so on. Before and after full of hollow leather sandals refers to the front to help Baotou (including within the Baotou), after the help with outsourcing (including the main with), in the lumbar fossa only one or two bands to help before or after the link, or no waist Parts of the leather sandals style. Before and after the air full of leather sandals, the structure of the characteristics of the front and rear of the front and rear have a larger gap, while the waist to help a whole piece. And before and after the full of hollow and before and after the sky full of leather sandals, before the end of the empty leather sandals is the sandals are divided into two sections. As the name suggests before the help for the full to help, after the hollow sandals is full of empty leather sandals. This kind of sandals are also more common women, from the appearance point of view similar slippers, and slope with more, and later trip based.

    In order to become a heel foot, this leather sandals in the heel is usually designed to have a post trip. It should be noted that the length of the leather sandals should be in accordance with the length of the former to help the length of the shoes to help design. The upper end of the wings of the location of the wings can not be too front, should be to the lumbar fossa after the site near the heel heart. If the sandals are divided into two sections of the structure, the former use nike clearance of the band with a combination of hollow form, after the gang is to contain the main with the full form of help, this style is sandals before and after the full style shoes. General women's leather sandals will have this style, usually designed for fashionable women's sandals, after the waist can be designed for high-gang form. Full-style leather sandals refers to the entire upper and rear are hollow structure, or are composed of the band. All-style leather sandals men and women have, but women are more common, relatively few men. Full-style leather sandals in accordance with the structure of different, can be divided into the first trip with the trip with two models. Due to the different forms of structure, the size of the shoe last used and the shape of the last body also have different requirements. For the previous trip belt structure, the last of the shoe last shell and the last base width of the last cover with the full cover of the same sandals, head type is lower, lower body meat is also less, followed by curvature of the curvature of the larger, the last front Point to the last height of 70 mm at the length of the last length and the same length. For the rear trip with the structure, in order to make the heel feet, the last plantar and the basic width of the full cover of the sandals should be reduced half-type, the rest with the first trip with leather sandals last.

    In short, the leather sandals to help the surface structure changes greatly, its characteristics can be attributed to two: first, to help in front, after the hollow (sandals to help the face is divided into three) or before, after hollow (sandals to help split into two Section); second, after the empty or all-empty leather sandals before and after the trip with the band and the change. These two aspects of the leather sandals to help the design has a direct impact, we must find out.

    2017-08-31 10:58:15
  • It is necessary to have parity and temperament shoes so wear the most eye
  • Mary Jane shoes, put on like a dance after the wizard, fashionable temperament is more tired feet
  • Clever wear, so that temperament with you
  • Summer fresh out of the street, wear fashion cool slippers
  • Peas shoes sweet taste, to give you a taste!
  • Summer five wear small tips easily high
  • Men's shoes with how clothes
  • Throw away the stinky shoes to start this 7 pairs to get your fashionable year
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