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  • Do you know these little details of shoes?

    Buy shoes to pay attention to what? Many of us first buy shoes to consider the basic factors is whether it is genuine, really good whether there is price is cost-effective. But the details of the shoes to buy more than these, today Xiaobian say, choose a pair of all aspects of your shoes are satisfied with the very fact, then let Xiaobian with you to inventory some of the details of the purchase of shoes. If you can, it is best in the afternoon 3-6 o'clock this time to buy shoes, because this time the feet will be slightly inflated, buy a pair of lebron 13 slightly loose shoes, no matter what time will be more comfortable to wear. To the shoes to observe the upper color is normal, the soles have no degumming, see whether the multi-line cheap nike sneakers splicing. nike shoes on sale Shoes should also carefully check whether the leather surface aging, smell with smell smell it. Understand the characteristics of their feet and the requirements of the shoes is the key. If you buy a pointed shoes, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the crowded feet, if you buy boots, then, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tube to help loose a little. When buying shoes to pay attention to choose a little loose, to the winter thick socks left enough space. cheap nike shoes Even pay attention to when you wear socks when the shoes in the walk when it will bring out your socks.

    Shoes with leather first layer of leather, soft breath inside, soles are also very wearable. Sleeve design makes it easier to wear off the way. Fashion business, never out of date. Shoes with elastic closure of the way, not only stylish and beautiful, and easy to wear. But also breathable sweat within the anti-odor, comfortable and dry. Soles of natural rubber material, soft and comfortable. Fashion leisure business shoes selection of the first layer of leather, thick wind, full of shiny fashion beautiful. Comfortable shoes arc fit feet, rubber sole protection wear. Shoes with traditional Italian shoe-making process, beautiful and generous. And the use of high-quality pig skin material inside, with good permeability. The first layer of cowhide has always showed a good texture of leather, rich toughness. Shoes, exquisite carved noble aristocratic style, the body can not be more flexible folds. Simple and full of style, elegant and yet alive. Work fine and smooth, to create a comfortable wearing experience. The shoes are designed to fit the Asian foot structure, high-end adhesive technology to optimize the flexibility and comfort. Thick geometric pattern at the end, anti-skid wear and shock.

    2017-08-08 10:57:19
  • The beauty of the shoes, the staff ingenuity

    Some things insist on a lifetime only interesting, life only one thing, beliefs into a heritage, craft more and more superb, every piece of work are classic. No matter in which era, the craftsman's heart and hands are the most delicate feelings, in the shoe industry, handmade shoes is undoubtedly high-end technology, a pair of pure hand shoes can not only highlight their own taste, but also a self-expression of personality and The beauty of the shoes, the staff ingenuity

  • Shoes can wear so handsome shoes? Powerful my brother!
  • Summer boys so shoes, girls can not stand
  • Look from the shoes to see the taste, boys shoes essential shoes in this!
  • Flat bottom of the hand to carry small white shoes, summer is still hot retreat!
  • Sexy thin high heel, piercing big legs
  • Learn this 2 strokes, so that your shoes every day with the new
  • Fashionable small science, high heels most suitable to wear how many centimeters?
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