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  • How to identify the difference between leather and PU shoes?

    Warm season, the feet are also liberated, you can choose a lot of style, wild wear is the basic requirements, in order to follow the trend, a nike store pair of nike shoes men leather shoes is essential. Leather shoes with sweat sweat, perspiration function, smooth and smooth skin surface, durable waterproof performance, wearing a dry and comfortable, not easy to deformation. If you do not know what kind of money to change, it is better to start simple wild leather shoes, without any dressed, simple fashion piercing different styles, whether you are fresh or nike sale Mature, are very suitable for wear. Modern PU material to join a lot of ultra-fine fibers, but also have a good permeability and wear resistance, the material is more soft, can be processed into a variety of styles. It can better show my nike running shoes sister's beautiful posture, the whole people are flying, instantly enhance the temperament. Is the fashionable crush are indispensable single product. To integrate into the fashion trend, this leather pointed slope with the shoes is the hottest moment, the beauty of the sister can not miss it! Into the charming and elegant temperament, classic color, fresh highlights the unique personality, hollow is the crowning touch, is the hottest trend of the season. Excellent style of any occasion can control. Fashion up to the perfect single product.

    Daily busy in the city shuttle, but also want to reveal a fresh temperament. This leather small white shoes material is very comfortable, breathable not dull feet, so that your feet free and easy. It is important to be able to increase, both comfortable and increased moments to create long legs, the use of ergonomic classic design, how many roads are not shouting tired. Simple shape, high-quality leather, in the soft experience highlights high quality. Different colors of fusion, chic design to create a new visual experience, highlighting the new ideas are different, in any occasion can easily control. Simple travel more comfortable, free and comfortable to rejuvenate my personality, is your focus on the magic of the magic weapon.

    2017-07-26 11:42:37
  • Do not buy a small white shoes, and these shoes is the fashion will be defeated

    There is a period of time a Lin special fans of small white shoes, that after wearing an instant re-18-year-old vitality, age and youth, but the times are changing, fashion elements are also changing, when Xiao Bian found on the street already Full of shoes when it is aware of the small white shoes, although the age of the shoes but more refined shoes, more suitable for light cooked girls ah and more and more fashion elements, many have been raised in the basic single shoes to drive More fashion shoes, and these shoes inside some student party can wear a good look Oh ~ student party sister who is not could not help but want to see? Pearl shoes as the name suggests is done in the basic single shoes above the pearl embellishment, so that the original simple shoes look more delicate and beautiful, highlights the feminine, with a dress fashion and comfortable Oh ~ temperament full of pearl shoes, elegant and delicate temperament from a pair Shoes can also see the small low-heeled style is very comfortable, walking day will not feel tired Oh ~ suede material looked very texture Oh ~ neat little shoes, with metal buckle and small pearl elements look feminine Full of small shoes, neutral temperament and go down a lot, with a strong British style of the upper body is very handsome, with a suit of clothes cheap nike shoes like a super gas field!

    Small fragrant wind design of a square head pearl shoes, on the foot of the show the atmosphere. Very suitable for work in the baby Oh, with wide leg pants do not have a flavor. Low-key square head is very engaging, side with a good walk it! One word buckle single shoes seem calm a lot, but also with a trace of well-behaved atmosphere. This kind of shoes is very suitable for the student party ah, the word buckle single shoes more fashionable square head and classic pointed design, each kind of look good ~ ~ flat bottom buckle single shoes, feet comfortable and nice , The key is so fashionable style, small square head design, the word buckle elements are filled in a pair of shoes inside, put on a very temperament, fashion and wild style with what skirt are nice! Retro style is very strong pair of shoes, at first sight style, the color calm yet texture, with a little pressure on the clothes are not, with the square head style, comfortable and stylish, one by one buckle the design added to the overall bright cheap kobe shoes nike air max spot Oh ~ Straps of shoes is derived from the ballet shoes, with a full of temperament and a small sexy to the people in front of the girls highlight the lively nike factory outlet and lively temperament, so that the students wear shoes are also nice to see ah!

    2017-07-25 11:08:05
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