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  • Autumn and winter sports shoes to wear so take style

    Popular fashion phrase, "shopping in high heels girls last generation are the wings of angels" - why? Because although the high heels look good, but the lack of comfort, it is OK to wear sports shoes? This time the problem came It is said that many people in the hearts of fashion, sports shoes are still bulky representatives? The answer is no. First of all we must first break the "worn sneakers it is difficult to thin" this old idea, in fact, sneakers was significantly thin and high degree of difficulty is not the point, the key is to look at with the sports shoes to wear on the discount nike shoes minute fashion skills instant full grid . The following is wearing a sneaker must pay attention to avoid the minefield. Sneakers really not only sportswear, people can also with suits, dresses, whether commuting, dating, small banquet, can easily battle. With leather, the shoes can try to choose a stronger sense nike trainers of color, darker color.

    With skirts recommended half skirts, so the overall proportion of the more slender look. Or choose a more casual sense of semi-skirt, or with a heavier casual feel the shirt. Want to wear a little stylish fashion to a graceful veil, whether it is lace, tulle or perspective style skirt will give a romantic feeling. Tips, dress skirt length try to avoid long to the ankle, will be short and plump. Mensao Fan children cheap nike running shoes "reflected in this year's sports shoes was quite obvious, some of the more fancy zebra pattern, leopard, camouflage and so on with low brightness and high saturation of the design in the upper, full of fun.Under the same circumstances, The ankle can lengthen the overall proportion, more youthful and lively, we may wish to try. Clothing and sports shoes part of the same color, you can lengthen the overall height from the visual ratio, try to avoid the whole nike running shoes body color, although this can also be significant High, but it seems too monotonous.High waistline this method is whenever talking about the thin topic will be mentioned, one hundred test bad mood, even a small individual who can become a second longer legs! In addition to the conventional personality solid color socks, with red and blue striped white socks or fishnet stockings are to enhance the style of small objects.

    2018-01-15 10:25:48
  • Short-legged sister's welfare, short boots charm nike outlet store charm

    Relative to the shorter legs or five-five figure of a person, a pair of fashionable boots, put on your feet can instantly stretch leg length. However, in the selection of boots or when you need to keep in mind: the length of the boot worn best at the ankle was the most leg length. And with it no matter Pants, skirts can easily HOLD live. When with pants, the best is nine points for the first choice, this is even more leg length Oh! Pure pointed pointed boots, upper selection of lambskin material with better scratch resistance, heel at the hollow hit color ribbon splicing embellishment, played a very eye-catching effect. At the same time supplemented by decorative metal elements, the more punk taste of the wind. Department of high-heeled design, easily stretch the legs of the legs on the line, more nike factory store significant effect was thin. Sexy pointed design can be better modified feet, so that the wearer looks more slender. Upper out of the diamond mosaic embellishment, is the biggest highlight of this shoe. Light and elegant visual sense, easy to show the sexy side of women. Sheep skin and pigskin inside the splicing, wearing a more fitting foot.

    A small short section of the shoe height, with elastic elastic closure as the closing end of the way, like beam pants pants full of personality. Not only enhance the convenience, easy to wear off a second, but also enriched the design sense of the boots nike clearance store mouth, creating a three-dimensional profile, full of modern stylish atmosphere. Comfortable foot experience, to give every step of the most solid strength, confidence and elegance hidden among them. Shorts of temperament, in fact, a combination of elegant and generous, at a glance, it is the metal beading on the boot barrel to attract light refraction under the refined and refined. Elegant elegant, delicate and soft microfibre, elegant and beautiful last type, mild and charming lines, and that slender heel, the elegant elegance of women, sexy and unique noble exhibition leak no doubt. OL comes with light luxury temperament of this rough with short boots, simple pure black shoe body, small rough with the style, nike outlet store suitable for most occasions. Lightweight luxury at the cylinder inlaid diamonds is the biggest bright spot. Five Polygon-cut transparent rhinestones, effectively enhance the sense of visual hierarchy. It is the whole point decoration, easily enhance the extravagant goddess temperament.

    2018-01-12 10:29:32
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