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  • Every day to wear school uniforms? Then you have to match a pair of handsome shoes!

    Difficult to avoid school to wear boring school uniforms every day, so a pair of handsome envy others shoes is necessary, introduced today's casual shoes is not bad, it can be said that a variety of styles, can easily integrate into, is Because of its wild nature, it can be said that the overall coordination of the health, so when we choose casual shoes, the first is that we must pay attention to the quality of the material, such as canvas, leather and other materials are the most easy to buy style, Of course, depends on its value for money and the value of both, but also a good occasion to adapt, so that's right! Every day to wear school uniforms? Then you have to match a pair of handsome shoes! Very simple casual shoes, toe head toe, very young trendy atmosphere, matte leather fabric design, sense of retro fashion overflowing, but there are three color choices, you can understand it's unique? Wear cheap nikes slowly experience ha ~ Velcro design canvas shoes also do not have some characteristics, this style will be relatively fresh Oh, is also very suitable for lazy boy tie lace, it nike shox clearance also has another feature is that the black part of the canvas is canvas, White part of the cortex, visually simple but not simple, with what are unusual youth fashion. Simple colors, simple models, not simple intentions, even if it is hot summer also want to put it to sowing, its shape is made according to the most popular styles, and occasionally want to get back the spring of the students era And vitality, then wear it absolutely right.

    Vintage old shoes are very dirty, compared to white shoes, this section will be young people like nike free 5.0 the tone, wear it can be unscrupulous, do not worry about dirty, anyway, dirty can not tell, ha ha! This is not a poke you ~ lazy shoes style is very simple and generous, neat appearance is also very good, the most important thing is removed from the trouble of the shoelaces, is simply lazy there? And with a very nike air max sale simple, wear a pants can be handsome out! Minimalist lovers love a casual shoes, upper is cotton and linen, upper layer of linen woven, the summer breathable, cool, not easy to smelly feet, walking more comfortable, simple and elegant style, tide out of the street Essential money, what are you waiting for, uncomfortable to wear to know Oh! Shoes are better ride, in what occasions are OK to wear, the color is very stable and very clean color, very temperament but also wild, ribbon design, is more popular this year, really do not have to worry about the issue of the collision .

    2017-12-19 10:07:33
  • Look Punch heard four steps to distinguish the first layer of leather

    Leather shoes and leather we use everyday, mostly made of real leather. When the business throws an advertisement that their own products to create leather, do not hurry to buy, because the real leather is also the first layer of leather and second layer of leather, the first nike shox layer of leather is much better than the second layer of leather, not to mention imitation leather It's So, if you want to buy a good quality leather products, you must first learn to distinguish the first layer of leather. Look at the pinch smell, four-step distinguish the first layer of leather! Look ": to see if it has irregular lines, pores, luster, if any, that is the first layer of leather, or two layers of leather. Finger touching nike clearance the surface to see if there is a feeling of slippery, under normal circumstances, if not dermal words come over there will be feeling very astringent, not slippery, poor ductility, elasticity is poor or not even flexible. Hand slightly press the surface, if it is the first layer of leather, there will be a centripetal wrinkles wrinkled around, the texture was radial, and the second layer of leather texture is not much change.

    To the first layer of leather to build, upper exquisite Bullock carved design, slender streamlined European-style shoe nike store last, highlight nikes on sale the sense of quality. EPR lightweight outsole, lightweight shock absorption, wear-resistant bendable, make your walking more comfortable. Unique hand-rubbing process, to create a retro fashion, high-quality YKK zippers, smooth and durable, wear off more convenient and enhance the fashion of boots. Breathable pigskin inside, more conducive to the permeability of shoes, warm is not hot. Plus high-top design, in the autumn and winter can better protect your ankle. Subversion of the traditional lacing mode, the use of high-tech automatic lacing system, 0.5 seconds quick solution, 1 second lightning lock shoes, no longer cumbersome to tie the laces with both hands. Shoelace by 49 independent aviation grade stainless steel rope weaving, solid tough not easy to break, the new technology to use more at ease. With hand-made neck leather fabric, quality upgrades.

    Made of soft top leather, it is durable and flexible. Clever collision of leisure and fashion, people can not ignore the sense of presence. On the way to go, have it, to be more stylish! The classic style of men's shoes, the suture sealed waterproof structure, so that the feet can be kept dry in any weather. Simple and casual, not too much decoration, suitable for young people for leisure, party, travel.

    2017-12-16 10:20:30
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  • Get rid of the torture of high heels and reduce the pressure of footsteps
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