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Home / News > A formula, calculate how tall you wear the shoes!


A formula, calculate how tall you wear the shoes!

Each girl has a high heels have a man can not understand the love, after all, it is not to wear it to increase the temperament, but also what are very beautiful to wear ah. But the beauty is always to pay the price, high heels to wear a day down, and tired waist and pain, but also real torture ah! But then, do you know how high you should wear high heels? In fact, this is also a knowledge of Oh ~ first to be clear nike factory outlet that the navel is the height of the human body golden point, the soles of the feet to the length of the navel and the proportion of the more close to 0.618, that is, the golden ratio, the more aesthetic. Use the formula to visually show the law, that is, (navel to the soles of the feet length + heel height) / (height + heel height) = 0.618 on the right to make an analogy, assuming your height is 1.6 meters, soles of the feet to the navel The length is 0.96 meters, then (0.96 + heel length) / (1.6 + heel length) = 0.618, calculated to know the most suitable for your heel height is 7.5cm friends

So when we test the level of mathematics to you, and quickly calculate how tall you should wear shoes. Know the height for their own, buy it even more handy Yeah ~ full of feminine sandals, the word buckle the design is really great, particularly elegant feet, was significantly higher legs thin Very lebron 14 stable 3cm thick with, long station is not tired feet, how to wear a range of children! A popular heel in about 5cm, walking steady da, suitable for not wearing a high-heeled girl Oh Cross-strap design so that the feet more elegant and sexy, very style ~ word with high-heeled sandals more simple sexy, thin bags in the ankle, will appear more ankle Oh, Velvet uppers look more luxurious and noble, very significant grade. Want a pair of shoes that are not so dull and comfortable? This wave lace sandals may be right in your pregnant Oh. Has a unique personality and will not be difficult to master the comfortable footwear, thick waterproof platform, was high and stable, it is worth black nike shoes starting a ramming goods! Uppers extended to the ankle, honey was thin white shoes! Both to bring you a touch of cool summer, but also full of fashion sense of the existence of Oh ~ simple atmosphere of the design style, after careful three-dimensional cut and production, with good comfort. Metal buckle to increase the sense of fashion shoes, is the cheap nike air max choice of this summer Oh. Find a pair of black strap sandals, design ingenuity, this winding straps are particularly long legs! Looks refreshing cool and very pleasant, but also more feminine Oh.