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A pair of shoes comfortable or not, only feet know!

So that shoes and feet synchronized growth: regular foot test feet to the children, and then determine whether the need for more pairs of shoes, to avoid the phenomenon of squeezing feet, but still have to pay attention to, shoes cheap nikes only pick the shoes of the reference, comfortable fit is the ultimate aims. Recommended nike clearance afternoon or evening to buy shoes: after a day of walking and exercise, the human foot in the evening the largest, this time to buy shoes, and will not appear in the morning feet feet squeeze the foot of the situation. Feet to wear a walk: test shoes when the children stand up and walk, because standing when the soles of the feet will be greater; to ensure that the child's toes stretch freedom, rather than bending; and both feet should wear shoes, Because most of the feet are not the same big. Toes loose feet tight: put on the shoes, toe parts should have all black nike shoes enough space, rather than tightly squeezed together; heel should be appropriate, heel should be lifted when the shoes should be with the feet, rather than relax the heel, or easy Wrestling. Note the symptoms of discomfort: Do not force children to wear a pair of shoes, if he does not like to wear, it is likely to wear uncomfortable. If the child's feet appear long cocoon, red or blistering, but also to consider nike store whether the shoes caused by discomfort.

Canvas sneakers the most secure: American Orthopedic Society that soft and easy to bend, there is enough space for shoes, for any age children, are ideal. And canvas shoes are very good fit these conditions, test shoes, the toes at the left there is a point of room for the child's feet to stay out of space.