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Home / News > Are you so thick? Heel height determines the woman's legs fineness!


Are you so thick? Heel height determines the woman's legs fineness!

High-heeled shoes is the biggest charm to make the legs become thin and long, so even if not good to go, uncomfortable, girls will still be willing to wear them, because beauty is the nature of girls, you want to always have beautiful The nike shox Then ... we feel that the height of high heels a few centimeters is the most beautiful it? in fact! Girls just do not like to wear high heels, but as long as they can look good and how bad it? Gradually began to enjoy the high-heeled shoes to bring the effect of slender legs, but the height is probably limited to 7 to 8 cm below, because the high really really not cheap nike air max far away.

Pointed nude color banded sandals, greeted this pair of beautiful shoes is the classic immortal nude color, fine with a sexy tip to highlight the intellectual elegance, coupled with exquisite pearl strap design set off the white feet of the skin, Noble and generous, commuting to work, attend the banquet are so easy to deal with the word buckle with coarse sandals, simple and very gas field of a pair. To simple foot cuff design with elegant and generous nike shoes men temperament, both to highlight the slim figure, but also light and elegant, was significantly thin, is a small child's favorite Oh! With a fish mouth high heels, full of sexy fish mouth design, coupled with the perfect smooth elegant lines, sexy yet elegant, perfect modification of the feet, and enhance the feminine and grade, so you easily become a stylish and tasteful woman The Waterproof high heels, very atmospheric a thin high-heeled, elongated legs of the lines look particularly exquisite. Classic black, simple with a luxurious inner, highlight the elegance of fashion. Waterproof platform can not only make your feet look slender, but also allows you to have a mature feminine.

Loose thick bottom slope with sandals, the female foot soft and sexy lines out of all the lines out, filling the style million, simple and sexy style can be presented elegant. Whether it is with nike discount store ladies style or professional style is very suitable. Breathable mesh yarn fish mouth sandals, classic fish mouth design, wearing comfortable, elegant and generous, both the details of the avant-garde features, but also showing a big clean and neat texture, elegant and charm. The yarn of the package, looming to protect the jade feet, people whimsical.