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Home / News > Baby feet do not look good shoes to nike discount store buy? Are the parents to develop this bad habit


Baby feet do not look good shoes to nike discount store buy? Are the parents to develop this bad habit

Parents often pay attention to the baby's legs are not standard, teeth look good looks good, but few parents care about the child's foot type. Baby's feet look good looks good, decided to children after the shoes look good-looking. In addition, the foot is related to the baby's health, the body a total of 206 bones, feet on the bones have occupied 52 blocks. These bones support the baby's feet, but in the process of growth and development of the child's foot changes a lot, even if the baby's infant formula is healthy, but with the children toddler, running, jumping process Feet improper, easily lead to foot muscle bending, heel outward tilt and a series of problems, affecting the appearance. Many parents feel that the baby to learn the sooner the better, but in fact, the baby's feet to bear the full weight of the body, if the bones and muscles have not developed, in the toddler process is easy to form O-type legs. So parents do not pursue the nike shox child too early toddler, the child has the intention to learn to walk, try to let the children barefoot on the crawler pad to learn to facilitate the parents to observe the baby settled in the way, if the baby in the process of learning problems can be corrected in time, To prevent deformity.

Affect the baby foot type is a very important reason is the choice of shoes, shoes are too small, bound children walk, shoes too big, feet shaking in the shoes, easy to center of gravity instability. The child's shoes is not so good to pick, to the children to buy shoes when the long snacks, these shoes to buy mine, do not step on. 1. uppers do not have the ability to support the shoes, shoes are too soft, the baby's feet do not have the power, easy to form flat feet. 2. With the shoes, nike factory store children learn to walk when the center of gravity are pressure on the feet, the baby wearing nike air max women a belt with the shoes, easy to center of gravity instability, affecting the foot type, resulting in heel valgus and so on. 3. Size of the shoes should be timely to update, not easy to figure easy to figure out, hurt the baby's feet development. Adults every day with warm water feet, relieve fatigue, children also need foot bath. And the baby's body metabolism, easy to sweat, make children feel very comfortable. For easy to sweat the baby baby, the parents to the child when the feet do not use soap, to prevent the loss of moisture and dry skin. Baby's toenails grow very fast, parents should always observe the growth of baby toenails in order to facilitate the timely pruning nails. It is best to develop the habit of regular pruning, pruning the process, do not cut too close to fleshy, do not leave burrs, to prevent the formation of paronychia.