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Beautiful shoes tens of millions, but I love the word with!

If the little black dress is cheap nike sneakers a skirt in the never-ending single product, that sandals sector Swordsman, never out of date must be the number of words with. Not only won the star favorite, fashion bloggers are wearing, and deduce more suitable for ordinary people wearing a daily law. Ordinary but not mediocre, not quick to see! Black as a classic in the classic, fashion is still wild, and what clothes can be a perfect fit. Slightly thicker with a word with the design with the heel, wear more comfortable, it will not seem too mature, a little cardamom old girl's sense, with cute cute dress is very beautiful youth it Fine with the word with sandals, the word itself is often designed with a slim, more refined, mature, coupled with the same style of clothes, it is sexy, suitable for want to change the black and white nikes style, light Mature style girl ah The

In contrast, the white one word is not as black as wild, but if you learn to match, there will be more amazing results. For this kind of elegant white color, this time, with the color with a law on the use of a great use. White with a white sandals with a white dress is definitely a good choice. White hollow lace dress with a white strip of sandals look particularly immortal, will be elegant, sexy and pure perfect fusion, is simply attack the angel, compared to the simple more attractive, beautiful people frequently back. White with sandals with OL wind white dress is also very suitable, simple atmosphere, not because of shoes dragged his legs, shoes and skirt echoes, own a dignified beauty. Nude color is the most bit with the most heart of the water, no one yo. It is elongated leg lines, modified legs above the performance of the perfect. Nude color and skin color close to the leg will not have a sense of segmentation, the bare part of the foot is also included in the range of the calf, very high, small and delicate girls can not miss ah.

Nude color with a sandals is quite elegant, good to wear Wearing a dress and then coupled with a pair of nude color with the word is simply the beauty of the explosion table, look tall and long, elegant temperament. Do not have to nike clearance consider the color of dress, basically all the colors will not appear unexpected, really is very wild Do not be outside the words with forever law-abiding, if it is relatively cool little new nike shoes fairy, do not like to take the unusual way, completely start a pair of unique colors of the word band, such as metal color. Golden words with good words to wear a very high sense, people shines. And cool temperament two-phase integration, perfect!