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Home / News > Buy guide: how to find your favorite pair of small white shoes


Buy guide: how to find your favorite pair of small white shoes

Little white shoes in lebron 14 the end how good ride, the earth people know. But you are kind of confused, my little white shoes to take clothes looks like only 80 points, there is always a little bit of flaws in, then how to use small white shoes to take 100 points Fan it? First of all, must be from the purchase of a pair of really suitable for you, put on the small white shoes can not get off ah! In fact, the gap between the white shoes is still very large, material, soles thickness, decorative color and so may cause the shoes and the overall collocation of the conflict. We will temporarily soft sister wind, Mori women wind and so classified as this category, because the purchase of small white shoes is not much difference. Ladies feel with a soft feeling fresh, the focus should be in the clothes, rather than shoes, so the choice of small white shoes to meet this demand, rather than highlight the shoes themselves.

From the shoe type, the slender models of shoes more temperament, easier to create a soft feeling, and the discount nike shoes version of the wider shoes are more likely to show a sense of leisure. Usually white shoes and sports shoes prone to such a design, but in the whole head tilt, looks like the foot type is not so slim, of course, the whole body slender sister does not need to consider this, but the fat Baby should pay attention to this point friends. Some small white shoes will have a toe rubber vertical design, very nice, but everyone in the purchase should pay attention to the toe and the upper sense of convergence, such as this pair can also, if the shoe nike trainers is more eye-catching, it is very easy Pull down the visual center of gravity, which blurred the whole set of wear to bring a sense of freshness, will be less points. The same, the soles of the soles of the convergence should also be natural and soft, some soles wide out of the shoe 3mm above the shoes is easy to look casual, and the upper and soles very simple hit the color lines, the same need to match with the color of clothes, otherwise , Choose pure white but better.

If the shoes hit the color line is too prominent, will make the visual center down, it seems very significant short, Haby star Meng sister to pay attention to it! Ankle slender sister can choose high or low help small white shoes, and ankle more fleshy baby is as much as possible to choose low to help, more significant thin, of course, this tall girl can be ignored. Usually ladies wind wear more suitable for simple design of the shoes, but if you wear a white suit, or similar to this very simple clothes, or your coat is a wild coat, then this time A pair of relatively small sense of design white shoes, you can form a collision of beauty, will add a lot of taste for you, choose a pair of playful lively sense of nike shoes sale small white shoes will be very good, looks very aura. If you often switch between ladies and husbands, but it is just a eat earth party, so good, then let me tell you, with two styles are perfect little white shoes is how to drop

Cortex of small white shoes to be tall on the tall, the advantages of the material can reduce the requirements of the shoe type, of course, choose a simple design, shoes, thin shoes will still be better. For the leather texture of the shoes, stiff or soft upper are relatively good, if you wake up partial meat, it is recommended to choose the texture of the shoes. Pure canvas pure white small white shoes, wild is necessary, it should be noted that the thickness of the soles can not be too high, too thick soles in the clothes with the ladies when it is easy to cause the focus of the shift. In the selection should pay attention to the shape of the toe, the large round of the toe will look bulky, relatively not so good ride, and the tip of the toe will appear more temperament, take different styles will be better to see.