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Canvas shoes, let you ride all wear

A pair of comfortable and easy to wear canvas shoes, easy to match all wear wear. Uppers on the tropical printing, many people eye, as if you look at the vast coast, feel the summer style. Classic canvas design, give you a soft and comfortable wearing, double comfort. Cotton t-shirt fabric and shirt striped fabric stitching, fake two-piece dress style, very casual, it seems that the waist tied a shirt, the holiday is very suitable, a kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling, blue stripes fresh Sunshine, summer, no stripes section, nike shop this year is more fire, the design kobe 11 is more special. Strapless version of the type of blouse, the shoulder as a whole with elastic design, wearing comfortable, it seems very soft clavicle lines. Collar and sleeve part of the lotus leaf design, cute cute. Print bright spot full of vitality, while full of feminine. High waist version of the type, more handsome exaggerated worn details, show cool street style. Light blue tone, wash feel, self-cultivation natural drape, you can create a variety of shapes. Both sides of the pocket design, practical high.

Simple and loose white T-shirt, chest high-quality LOGO printing, highlight the personality of the big demeanor. Breathable fabric, soft and delicate texture, comfortable skin-friendly, so you feel the comfort of a needle line, wild and cheap nike air max heart. As the basic paragraph of the wardrobe, half skirt has a lot of freedom and play space, spring and summer with it. Waist bow decoration, so you see nike sneakers it's fashion charm. Asymmetrical hem with split design, carry-on aesthetic development, gestures show the rhythm of the beautiful, exudes a youthful temperament.