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Canvas shoes in the youth

A dazzling eye has to bid farewell to the campus, the memory seems to remain in the original hard to read the time. At that time, the teacher is always in the podium on the endless, we all black nike shoes listen to the following carefully or sleepy. Get out of class bell ring, the collective lying down the spectacular scenes still fresh in my memory. Although the girl's canvas shoes look good, but I still bought a pair of not the same. The same is simple and tricks of the style, not the same as it is the design of the Velcro, whether it is scrubbing or wearing are very convenient, it is suitable for lazy shoelaces me. Later, there is no longer satisfied with the girl's pure color monotonous, began looking for other patterns. Variety of colored patterns have, but impressive but only a female students wearing floral canvas shoes. On the day of the holiday, she was wearing a dress, stepping on canvas shoes, dragging her small box, the whole campus like her show field.

Because the school next to the university, one weekend there will be college students in the roadside stalls selling things. Academy of students put a row of solid color canvas shoes, holding a brush hand painted, you nike shoes can bring their own map, you can pick from him there Always remember that he painted the bow is particularly full, people at first sight. You know, lazy girl more than one, Velcro have been unable to solve the problem to the lazy shoes it. Look, lazy shoes, more appropriate name ah! But we call it more - "a pedal". Stars and Stripes are the most classic patterns, and never out of date. But the kind of flat nike store shoes for the kind of weak feet is a burden. The bottom will let it feel the earth to give every rugged bumpy. At this time, soft and comfortable ship at the end of the use of the field. nike shoes for sale The same classic meter word flag pattern, thicker soles are removed from the hard work.