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Home / News > Did not expect flat shoes so wear, but also higher than high heels!


Did not expect flat shoes so wear, but also higher than high heels!

Dressed as high as high, good body is not as good as a good proportion. High heels though , but the wear is really tired enough. In order to increase, many people wear wedge heels, or thick shoes, but these two shoes design is indeed hard to say, giving a bulky feeling, want to wear nice and fashionable, it is too difficult. Choose a pair of high flat shoes is a secret, the key depends on the color of shoes, vamp design and shoe type. Grasp the three tips, do not want to be high is difficult! Shallow shoes are generally cheap nike shoes thinner than the deep shoes are also stitching section of the flat shoes, the color is similar to the left side of the grass fisherman shoes on the right side of the ballet shoes are high, ballet shoes than the fisherman shoes exposed feet more, forming a Visual scalability, in general, the more exposed the more exposed the foot surface. Recently the fire of the exposed heels, from the side to see, such as Mueller shoes than the heel of the shoes even more high was thin, but also the truth, the more exposed feet, the better the ductility, the more leg lines longer.

Recently popular banding shoes, strap width, area also affect the visual effects of shoes. Too much cumbersome rough straps are not as fine as the straps look long. Flat shoes to be high, nikes on sale but also with the overall to help, if the match is not good, how you choose the shoes were high, it is useless! With the principle and purpose of only one, is to let the lower body was significantly thin If your legs are not very good, there are calf muscles such as leg problems, then the best to wear the longer the better. Loose pants can avoid weaknesses, appropriate exposed ankle, is also very high. all black nike shoes Style simple and clean trousers, than the fancy design can show legs longer. Wear a long skirt, then do not choose and land, so cover the flat shoes, was high no sense. The best length just to the ankle, both to cover the flesh of the legs, but also to reveal part of the skin, but also full of skirt elegant sense. If your legs are good enough to be fine enough, then you can wear short skirts, shorts, as many as possible legs, flat shoes to further lengthen the leg lines, the maximum degree of long legs.

High waist is the lower body of the key is high, there is no high waist, it is likely to five five points, even if it is supermodel, in such a match, but also not a good figure, high heels can nike store not save. s