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Home / News > Different types of legs wearing different boots, you are suitable to wear that?


Different types of legs wearing different boots, you are suitable to wear that?

Although autumn and winter we all wear boots, boots and boots, but some people wear it very suitable for him, but some people wear boots but not good-looking, it is because of his legs are not suitable for those boots. Everyone knows their own legs, right? Xiaobian today to say cheap nike basketball shoes different legs are suitable for what kind of boots. Thicker thigh girl to choose a little loose boot to cover leg type, and the color of the boots should not choose bright, so that nike discount store others will pay more attention to your thigh, black is the safest for you. Coarse calves girls fit bare boots This year's socks boots, because the material is good scalability of the material, along the leg-shaped stretch, helps to cover up a slightly thicker calf. This type of girl to wear honestly through the knee boots and boots, as far as possible in the visual proportion of the stretch, the lower body choose high waist clothes, stretch the waist line, was high minutes. Refers to the small legs and legs of the small partners, although most people are very envious of such leg type, but the legs are too thin and troublesome ah, when nike factory store buying boots should pay attention to the gap between the legs and boots, otherwise Walking will feel uncomfortable.

Xiaobian Tips, according to the proportion of their own body to dress with a match will not go wrong, do not feel that some single product nike running shoes style looks good, but not suitable for everyone oh.