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Home / News > Do not spend money, so that your home old slippers turned the latest!


Do not spend money, so that your home old slippers turned the latest!

Home is not often old but not willing to throw away it! Whether it is out of environmental protection or nostalgia are not willing to lose, in fact, we just tired of their look like it, for a look is a new ha ha, is also very environmentally friendly Oh, shrimp advocate environmental protection often DIy Oh, shrimp hand done Hats, earrings, pen holder, scarves, bags and so on it, the most is the earrings, because I am the earrings control ha ha ha, today to everyone popular science slippers it ~ In fact, the ordinary word slippers with a silk Towel, you can transform the most eye-catching fashion single product. Practice is very simple, only need a scarf, a double flip and a pair of scissors can be. Cut a section from the scarf, stacked into a slender strip, the first scarf in the slippers at the foot of the Department of knot. Then, carefully wrapped with scarf two shoelaces, the original shoelace completely wrapped live. Put on the shoes, tied in the ankle ribbon, walking and elegant and moving. Know the plastic shoelaces easy to wear the foot, if replaced by a soft woven belt, no longer have this troubled friends ~ first flip the original shovel cut off, and then use the scissors to the soles of the hole part of a little cut Bigger, easy to fixed knot. Then, with a pre-knit braid rope, through the hole in the floor of the shoes, through the soles of the knot in the soles, with scissors cut off the extra cloth, and coated with universal glue at the knot at the fixed. A pair of simple section woven with sandals to do it, wear a holiday vacation to go on a day will not be tired. Want the feet of the characters dragged into a flash, only a few dollars of sequins and ribbons can do the sequins.

Prepare a pair of flip flops, sequins, ribbons and needles. First with a ribbon wrapped in slippers original shoelaces, winding by the side of the shoelace in turn followed by winding, wrapped around two shoelaces, and then another ribbon in the slippers triangle around the two shoelaces around the 8-shaped play Knot Finally, in the triangle area on the ribbon in order to sew the sequins can be this pair of kobe shoes blingbling sparkling sandals to do well, it looks like the latest shopping malls it?