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Flip shoes cleansing tips, shoes decided to clean up the type

Method 1 clever use sponge cleaning

If the shoes have a special dirty stains, you can dip a little dishwashing to rub, and then wash the sponge several times with water, then wipe it again. During the pay attention to beating rub, if too hard to wipe up and down around, you will find the frizzy fur brightened the previous beauty.

Method two shoe nike air max sale powder cleaning

Flip shoes with powder cleaning shoes: nike shop (shoe powder is powder or lumpy colored powder, lumps are for ease of use, no need to use a brush dipped in powder coating can be directly coated with block can be applied to the matte leather surface dyed, refurbished The role of) also known as shoe crayons.

1. First turn fur shoes with brush brush in cheap nike sneakers one direction, try to clean out the dirt can brush off. At the same time, the effect of combing in the right direction spreads the bonded fluff and allows the powder to adhere more evenly to each fluff.

Hand-held shoe powder block, the use of the flute of the flute face in the fur upper friction rubbed. Note that even force, moderate, uneven force will produce different color thickness of the piebald, the force will be too large too thick, too much floating powder is not easy to clean and waste. There is a shoe powder is loose, pinch crushed not easy to do slightly. Forced too light nor will it be afraid that shoe powder will not stick firmly in the upper.

3. Note that in use, the best gloves, or dyed hand full; wear the best mask, because it is inevitable powder dust; do not use the windy place, the wind may cause the powder flying; Also, do not arrive Get on the white wall, do not get on the table ... and so on.

4. Shoe powder evenly applied, brush gently brush hair again, will mess up the plush carding nike free Shun, but also in the adhesion of the unsteady shoe brush out. If this time clean up not clean, it may be serious trousers Oh.

Method three spray solution (shoes water) cleaning

Spraying liquid to choose water solution, non-oily, non-harmful to the leather solvent. Spraying liquid can play on the fur shoes dyeing, renovation role. (Although the so-called colorless, but still marked spraying liquid, but for other colors for maintenance purposes, no staining effect)