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Girl and beautiful Mary Jane shoes

In fact, the name of "Mary Jane Shoe" originated in 1902, a comic book called "Buster Brown", the comic actress Mary Jane wearing a round round round of the shoes, so named "Mary Jane shoes." And the difference between a word with the shoes, the beam position is usually in the instep, rather than the ankle, this design will not show the legs thick. Close to the bottom of the low with Mary Jane shoes, small small square head, a little handsome and a little round and lovely. Ankle at the end of a word with a very thin so no obvious legs thick. Black wild, apricot close to the color of the legs were long, orange retro art suitable for color with the end socks. The first layer nike air max women of leather material, than the PU to wear and not easy to stinky feet, the size is complete, from 33 to 40 yards have. There are two colors of black and wine red, nike shox wine red more retro feeling. BTW, this is the leather, but the grinding feet do not wear the heel is not the leather does not matter.

Red color is very positive, there are black can choose. The nike factory outlet toe is pointed, the soles are flat. The price is much cheaper, but the PU material Oh Not the original round head, and the beam belt is its salient feature, but because of the popularity of the past few years, was improved more and more fashionable, but also sharp, fine high-heeled models. Had to go fresh and literary style also loved Mary Jane shoes, especially her feet of dark green shoes, with the print dress looks more fresh literary and artistic atmosphere. Beam belt also made two styles, one is the balance of the two tapes, one is irregular design, feeling or conventional models more natural. To help face is matte skin, the material is environmentally friendly ultra-fine skin, than the PU to be soft. Shoes are super beauty, feminine, and very fashionable. This is a very popular velvet material this year, with metal buckle embellishment, looks very high, pointed high and high looks very sexy. Shoes last year, street shooting is also very fire, the bright spot is Xianqi full ribbon strap design, with a good look skirt. Each pair of shoes with two colors of the ribbon, of course, you can also own with Shoes to help face a black leather and black / military green / brown three velvet face. Absolute eyes on the feet.