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Girl to a woman's fashion single product, high heels show elegant

Each nike discount store girl has a pair of high-heeled shoes in his heart, it is every girl's vision of the dream, because it is a girl to the woman's transition process is naive to mature transition process, from innocent and lovely little girl transformed into a mature and elegant little woman! Children when we will secretly put on the mother's nike shox high heels to enjoy the kind of unspeakable pleasure, it has a difficult to resist the magic, slim with people, although people look at the distance, but still could not help but want to control it The desire. Invented high heels people really genius, is simply a small girl's exclusive benefits, no longer worry about the dwarf is a low-handed, wearing high heels cheap nikes head full of strong gas field does not lose the supermodel it. Whether it is with a skirt or a self-cultivation and exposing the slender ankle pants, exquisite high heels, will make you visual high and thin! You can maximize the charm of your leg lines, so you easily have long legs. A pair of noble and stylish high heels can make your charm index rose sharply, no matter what season have useless, in this beautiful spring high heels are also frequent appearance, with the appropriate dress is not monotonous but more feminine. In the array of high heels heap how to choose their own is important, so understand the high heels height of the mystery, in order to better control it.

8 nike store cm height is a relatively high heel height, because comfortable and convenient, so particularly suitable for workplace wear, or casual dating, shopping to create the trend of 12 cm high heels began to have some grand feeling, more suitable Dancers, dinners and other special occasions, with gorgeous costumes can make you look more sultry; more than 12cm high heels practicality is relatively poor, and basically not suitable for shopping and other outdoor long activities, it can be said that high heels On the can go to the limit; there will be more than 16cm high degree of metamorphosis, such a high heels is probably used to watch it, non-ordinary people we can control.

The constant progress of the times, the trend of constantly updated, but looks like a high heels family is never ending the classic. High-heeled shoes from the advent of this since the advent of countless girls fought in their own bag, in the enjoyment of the ultimate beauty at the same time have to bear the high-heel brought discomfort, so that a public sister of it can not stop, so that high heels Beauty is undeniable. Several elegant and no sense of the trend of high heels, so you show beautiful attitude. Flexible matte fabric has a good elasticity, delicate texture, easy to fold is not easy to deformation, so wear comfortable, slender toe shape, with a gentle fox cents, elegant was thin, in the visual elongated leg ratio.