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Home / News > How can a small man wear boots?


How can a small man wear boots?

Smaller boots, stockings are also possible, because the visual part of the division of the calf and thigh up, it is very high, but the length of the boots is very particular about knee boots is the best nike shox knee The following boots will show shorter legs. Speaking of knee boots, the first reaction of many girls is that only tall, thin models are dressed to look good. Most people still don't want to challenge them. Are boots really not suitable for small girls? Of course not, wearing a pair of boots to make petite and pleasant you both chic and domineering! Resilient boots are a relaxing journey for legs and feet. Soft and comfortable elastic tube, repair leg shape, hidden leg defects, how to wear look good ~

High key: simple, self-cultivation can make small girls appear taller, red knee-length coat is very revealing spirit, while the self-cultivation of nike clearance the stripes to make small girls look more slender and slim. High key: Slim long coats can be sharp, and the same color boots and coats extend the height visually. Blue packets and nike store blue and white inside nike clearance make the shape fresh and harmonious! High-waist jackets can stretch the proportions of the legs. High-waist jackets come with black short-sleeved sweaters and chiffon blouses. The combination of length and length gives the styling more layers. Black leather boots even enhance the handsome! Bottom download, create a slender lower body, body color with really can show high Oh! And the short skirts and boots dont allow the legs to be submerged