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Home / News > How often do leather shoes extend the life of leather shoes


How often do leather shoes extend the life of leather shoes

Leather shoes have become necessary products for attending important occasions, working at work, visiting friends and relatives, etc. Wearing stylish, shiny shoes will enhance people's confidence, improve their personal identity, and bring out generous temperament. The new shoes will shine for a while, but the leather shoes will slowly lose their luster and become ugly. Therefore, regular maintenance is especially important. It can ensure that leather shoes are as beautiful as new ones and can increase the life of the shoes. Leather shoes maintenance should pay attention to leather shoes style, wearing time, wearing methods, regular oil, storage locations, etc., I specifically talk about below.

How often do you wear shoes?

According to each person's different circumstances, the best is usually 3 to 4 days / time is appropriate, if it is often worn, then get 1 to 2 days once.

When the shoes are exposed to water, they should be wiped off immediately or in time, and oiled to maintain the cortex.

When encountering heavy weather, or construction on the roadside, or playing in the suburbs, it is best to maintain it once in two or three days.

If you just drive to work every day, white-collar workers who enter and leave the office building are also welcome for a week.

If you are a man who pays great attention to your own image and is very particular about it, daily shoe shine is not a new thing.

A pair of leather shoes, under the premise of certain manufacturing quality, good maintenance and proper wear, can extend their life several times, which is very economical.

How to extend the life of leather shoes

(1) Avoid scratching with sharp objects; this should be taken care of during use.

(2) Avoid meeting high temperatures; do not use fire or expose to strong sunlight.

(3) Strengthen the maintenance: Remove the dirt on the shoe upper, apply the shoe polish, try to avoid meeting the water, and prevent the growth of the mold during storage.

(4) Let the shoes have a certain interval of rest: shoes and humans, but also need to rest. nike trainers It is best to have several pairs of leather shoes worn for rotation, so that the shoes have a certain interval of rest time, this will make it less damaged, help to restore the original deformation shoes.

(5) Light-colored leather shoes should pay attention to anti-pollution: the higher the shoes are, the lighter the color is; so when wearing them, care must be taken to avoid the stains; once the light-colored shoes are dirty, it is difficult to restore them to the original color.

(6) To protect the heel: Leather, especially women's shoes, should be replaced with the bottom of the heel material, do not wait until the heel is severely worn and then change.

How to protect frosted shoes

Matte shoes can not wipe the upper oil or water brush, the correct way is to use the brush to clean the direction of light brush or use a special rubber, shoe powder cleaning.

Seasonal shoes how to store

Stored season shoes must first be cleaned and maintained. After the trunk is dried, shoe supports or clean and soft materials (such as newspapers, cloth, etc.) should be filled in the shoe cavity. When it is stored, put a little moisture-proof beads in the nike shoes men shoes and put it in a cool, dry and ventilated place. You can.

Metal buckle how to care

(1) The golden buckle can be lightly wiped with a little transparent shoe polish.

(2) Fading shoe clasps The black spots can be lightly rubbed with the finest water-abrasive paper or a matte rubber.

(3) The brass or metal buckle can be protected against oxidation by applying a transparent nail polish.

Maintenance of leather shoes and boots - General method of applying shoe polish

Everyone who wears shoeshine oil will do it, but only by his own imagination, there will always be all sorts of mistakes, not only will not protect the role of shoes, but will damage leather shoes to varying degrees. The shoes are rubbed for the first time and should be worn before wearing new shoes. In the case of no dirt on the shoe, it starts to rub the oil, and it can keep the color and brightness of the shoes well. After wearing it, you need to shoehorn once every two to three days.

The main components of shoe polish are wax and oil. When the shoe polish is applied to the leather surface of the leather, the oil can penetrate into the skin to keep the leather rich and soft; the wax kobe 11 stays on the upper and forms a thin layer of wax film. , Can play a role in waterproofing and pollution prevention and protection of the upper. However, when shoe polish is applied, it should not be too much. If a thick layer of shoe polish is applied to the uppers of the shoes, most of the oil can not be put into the skin and remain in the skin to form a layer of grease. In addition, the dirt on the upper should be well removed before applying the shoe polish, otherwise, it will cause small cracks in the upper for a long period of time.

The following is a general method for applying shoe polish:

(1) Remove the dirt and dirt from the sole of the shoe and use a brush to carefully brush off the dust between the stitching and the shoelace.

(2) Using the cloth on the fingers of the lane, pick up some dirt lebron 14 remover, and use a little force to wipe away dirt from the upper and applied shoe polish.