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Home / News > How sports shoes deodorize Sports shoes deodorant 13 small tricks


How sports shoes deodorize Sports shoes deodorant 13 small tricks

Since the sneakers are worn on the feet all day, it is easy to have sweaty feet. In addition, the gum on the shoes is heated and wet, and a bad smell will be formed.

Dip some cotton into the shoes with cotton, so that after a night, the cotton has already been dried, and you can wear it again the next day. nike clearance If it lasts for two or three weeks, the smell of shoes can be eliminated. Or you can wipe the inside with alcohol after each time you take off your shoes, then use glass stockings to wrap some dry tea and score the inside of the shoes. The former has the function of cleansing, disinfecting, and volatilizing odors, while the latter can be used to absorb odorous air.

In addition, you can buy alum powder in the western pharmacy, pour some into the shoes, you can also achieve deodorant effect.

The method nike factory outlet of using charcoal again is also very good.

If the charcoal is crushed into small particles and wrapped in a tissue or a more breathable material, it should be better to absorb the deodorization in the shoes.

13 tricks to deodorise sports shoes:

1, at night with cotton dip alcohol treatment, before going to sleep every night, with a little cotton dipped in alcohol, evenly wiped in the shoes just took off until the next morning to dry and then wear. That is, using alcohol-stained cotton on sports shoes, taking advantage of the volatile nature of alcohol, and taking away the odors in sports shoes, so that after two weeks of adherence, no odor will occur in the shoes.

2. Put several hygiene balls into powder, sprinkle them in a clean shoe, and then put a shoe pad on them. This way, when you wear them, it is not easy to smell your feet. The effect of the health ball powder on the smell of sports shoes is very effective.

3, use mothballs in addition to shoe odor, take a slightly hard paper, wrap the mothballs, find a tool to crush it, the mothballs powder evenly sprinkled in the shoes, put insoles on top, a pair of shoes as long as about one Mothballs are fine. This shoe can be kept dry, shoe odor will disappear, the effect is surprisingly good.

4, in the socks effort, choose a pair of 100% cotton socks, the use of cotton socks, strong sweat absorption can also make your sports shoes do not smell, of course, every day have to remember to change socks, and clean Oh.

5, you can go to the pharmacy to buy alum powder, pour some alum powder into the shoes, but also to achieve the effect of deodorant.

6. Using charcoal extraction technology, dry the remaining charcoal and place it in the shoe for ten to fifteen minutes. Wipe the interior clean and put it in a cool, ventilated area. It can also solve the problem of smelly shoes.

7. Put the preservatives in the snacks (a lot of puffed foods and dried fruit packaging are inside, a small white bag, which says it) directly in the shoes, it absorbs the smell inside the shoes. Note: It is a one-time use, such as taking off the shoes and putting them inside, throwing them away the next morning.

8. Put lime powder into a small cloth bag before going to sleep every night and put it into the shoes to absorb moisture. Lime bags can also kill germs in shoes, which can play nike air max a certain role in removing shoes and odors, and can be used repeatedly.

9, with gauze wrapped some dry tea, plug the ball inside the goal, with cleansing, disinfection and volatile odor effect. After the tea leaves are left to dry, they are wrapped in sandcloth (or stockings that are not worn) and placed in shoes, which also has the effect of deodorization.

10, use white vinegar to socks odor, socks are also very easy to smell, in the water socks, pour a little white vinegar, soak for a while, kobe shoes then wash with water, this will not only remove odors, but also play a role in sterilization .

11, if your shoes are not usually put on the shoe, you can put a soap in the shoe, to achieve the effect of deodorant.

12. For internal damp shoes. The shoes should be placed in a ventilated place or thoroughly blown dry with a hairdryer. If there is really no time, a deodorizer can be sprayed on the shoes with the door odor removed.

13, how to eliminate the sweat odor inside the shoe: people sweating shoes often feel uncomfortable to wear shoes, there will always be moisture through the shoes and sweat odor residue, take the drying trouble does not say, but also by the weather. Using a good shoe care machine can quickly remove moisture and odors from the shoes. After the care, the shoes will become dry and fresh. In rainy weather, the shoes are wetted by water and dried for days. You can use a good-quality shoe care machine to dry your shoes, which is very convenient.

In general, after wearing the sports shoes for a long time, it is easy to produce unpleasant gas. Therefore, it is recommended that sports shoes should be changed frequently and that ventilation and maintenance should be taken care of. Good hygienic habits can also make your sports shoes more durable. The most important thing is to ensure personal hygiene, wash your feet every day, keep your feet clean, change your socks every day, and insoles should be cleaned and replaced regularly so that you can truly deodorise.