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Home / News > How to clean and wash casual shoes How to clean casual shoes


How to clean and wash casual shoes How to clean casual shoes

Casual shoes are a kind of shoes, the main feature is a nike discount store simple, comfortable design concept to meet the needs of people wearing everyday life. The concept, connotation and function of casual shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and method. People use the shape, brand, and connotation of casual shoes to decorate themselves and display themselves, and to obtain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction.

Precautions for the maintenance and use of sports and casual shoes

1. Buy the right shoes.

2. After the upper is dirty, gently wipe it with a soft cotton cloth, water or detergent. And let the shoes dry. After the upper has been wet, the shoes should be placed in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight or high-temperature baking, so as not to cause aging, deformation fade.

3, avoid contact with sharp chemicals.

4. Casual shoes and sandals should not nike shox clearance be used for intense sports.

5, to maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes so that the shoes take turns resting.

6, fabric shoes can be regularly sprayed with waterproof, anti-fouling spray to keep the upper. Prevent sand from seeping inside.

Sports and leisure shoes must be special shoes, some shoes are casual shoes, not for intense sports. Avoid: use a brush to wipe the upper; use of poor quality shoe polish, often soaked in bad quality shoe polish, exposure, fire roasted, will make shoes deformation, mesh fracture and open plastic. As long as the lebron 13 heart of sports shoes and maintenance is also very easy.

Instructions for the maintenance and use of special leather shoes

1. Do not use moisturizing and shoe polish on sand, tanned, brown and other lacquer skins. Apply a shoe brush or white rubber to gently wipe off stains. The stained skin is normal and should be worn when worn. Light colored socks.

2, velvet material should avoid wet water and shoe polish, can use a soft shoe brush cleaning.

3, patent leather shoes, open shoes can not be used shoe brush nike shop or shoe polish cleaning and maintenance, can only use a dry soft cloth lightly wipe dirt.

Leather shoes shoes should be removed dust to play shoe polish to ensure leather flexibility, white soft leather with white liquid shoe polish, should not use paste shoe polish, non-ferrous leather can be used with skin color consistent paste or liquid shoe polish; artificial leather The shoes can be scrubbed with clean water, and the shoe surface can be wiped dry after cleaning. The shoes with matte leather can be brushed with the brush to sweep the upper side of the shoes in the same direction.

How to clean casual shoes

1. Separate shoes and shoelaces with neutral soap/powder. Remove the insole when washing shoes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and finally rinse.

2, the insoles toe down in the ventilated place to dry.

3, when the shoes are dry, the use of shoes will help shoes to restore the original shape; or put the newspaper in the shoes. The newspaper has a double effect, not only helps to restore the original shape, but also can quickly absorb the moisture in the shoes.

4. Put the toe down towards the wall and dry it at a ventilated place under normal temperature. This will prevent water from immersing in the midsole foam. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to lay the wet shoes flat.)

5. Take out the newspaper after the shoes are dry, and let the shoes dry for a while.

6, excessive sun, hair dryer heat and improper care methods will reduce the life of the shoes.

7, athletes trained every day, it is best to prepare more than two pairs of sports shoes for replacement every day.

8, before the shoes are worn, it is best to put a day in the ventilation, so that the shoes have enough time to dry.

9. Athletes or sports enthusiasts should wear the sports shoes they purchase. To prolong the life of your shoes, wash as little as possible.

10. The nylon mesh cloth and artificial leather on running shoes are relatively easy to maintain and can be washed by sailors. It is best not to use washing machines or soak in water.