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How to match boots, knee nike running shoes boots come with legs effect

For women, dress is the world's most poetic things. Even in the cold season, we are still willing to come up with the greatest enthusiasm and efforts to dress themselves as the most satisfied look, but how can the cold winter and warm it? The fashionable person's answer is: knee boots. Knee boots with a famous high sharp weapon, afraid of cold and fear of bloated people it is undoubtedly the beauty of the savior. May honey will ask, I am not so thin so long legs, can wear knee boots? The answer is: of course! As long as the wear on the knee boots, height one meter eight is not a problem ~ Come with the small Kazakh school with Dafa! Wide leg pants can always be perfect nike sale to modify the leg type, seven points wide leg pants and knee boots with the mix is ??surprisingly harmonious. Although the high heels than the bare ankle was significantly thin, but the knee boots from the toes to the calf's "complete coherence" is often more able to stretch his legs. Knee boots modified calf, wide leg pants modified thigh, so seamless integration with not only the effect of first-class self-cultivation, warmth is often able to bring surprises.

Feminine full of wear is nike factory outlet used with knee boots with long skirt, of course, the premise is to ensure that the upper body of the thick, forming a loose a tight contrast. Some of the fork can also bring the style to cover the mystery, boots and skirts in the material on the strong contrast, so that the overall mix of fashion and level. If your coat is loose and heavy, you need to prepare a pair of boots can make legs and thin, and cold people can be folded all the buttons, only need to use lined or other accessories on the bright embellishment , You can wear clothing out of your atmosphere and want to create a grand atmosphere. Pants and boots with the same color to ensure the shape of the complete smooth, visually will not form a color cut, the legs are more slender, supermodel groups are so love to wear, full of love with Oh! Such a contrast, the effect is high now. versized sweater gives the feeling of birds by the people, together with the stature of the big sweater people have the temperament of the girls, and knee boots sexy and added a feminine! Sweater hem and the distance between the boots out of the distance, can reduce the drag of boots, bring light and neat fashionable style.

A long section of the sweater, absolutely thin cover meat, nike shop and oversize sweater with a like, with her boyfriend wind sweater is also the most worry and effort to wear the law, casual and sexy. Yes, this body can also avoid the knee boots to bring the old gas Oh. Whether it is flat knees knee boots or high knee boots, Wang Ziwen are wearing a very long legs! Is not like the beginning of 160 taller.