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How to tie shoes?

Now very girls complain about their own body is not perfect, mostly from the absence of a pair of legs. Legs do not look good MM not only pants with, shoes should also be carefully considered, especially the spring and summer season menu shoes or sandals, from the style, color, to the length, are a certain stress. Spring and summer season, legs do not look good nike shoes girl to wear what shoes look good? The most appropriate than the tie shoes with a! With a retro breath with a tie shoes, in the last year had to nike sale fire do not, and this year's heat is still increasing. Is the fashion bloggers love the feet of the baby. Tie shoes is actually save the calf star of the savior! Smart girl, tie shoes + trousers with, so that the legs immediately turned big legs! With loose wide leg pants or hip hypertrophy harem pants to tie shoes, the most through the "contrast" to highlight your bare ankle slim.

Of course, these pants loose version of the type can easily cover your legs fat, avoid weaknesses. nikes on sale In addition to pants, skirts with strap shoes is actually more simple. nike discount store Which is ankle and the long skirt with a pair of shoes is particularly easy to learn, time-tested, suitable for all kinds of stars, how to wear will not go wrong. This way to wear both to block the legs of fat, but also in the looming when you highlight your fashionable shoes, you have any reason to reject it?