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How to wear it in the end

Do not know the fashion circle which big brother with the head, and now the trend of shoes has been a variety of straps shoes occupation, called the two years the most red shoes. Here have to envy those legs long legs super beauty fairy girl ah, after all, whether it is wearing high heels or flat are all super beauty effect, some tie shoes is flying the United States, the feet are like dating Boots. But for ordinary body or short leg star, it is necessary to wear it really need skills. Or else it can only be shorter legs. Small short fairy as much as possible to choose high-heeled or thin belt of the United States shoes, to avoid the choice of missing feet or less straps or too thick or covered with more shoes ~ thick with ballet shoes, this shoe is really small woman It, hollow design, small high-heeled style, so that you are not afraid of shopping is not tired ~ probably no more than the pointed shoes can show legs long leg fine friends ~ small stars will buy Oh ~ If you like the black preferred tip or leak Toe, try not to choose round shoes, Roman shoes strap is a thin belt so it can easily wear large long legs Oh. Square head Mary Jane cross strap shoes, this year is also very fire Mary Jane shoes adds a sense of retro. If you wear a skirt with a long skirt when not longer than the knee, pants choose nine pants floor ankle style. But the Department of time to pay attention must not like the same as the Department of Roman shoes is very high, or will be very short. nike sale In the position of the ankle tied to the nike shoes men United States and bow is good.

Cat heels is particularly popular this year's style, want to wear clothing with the elegance of small lebron 13 women and intellectual, it is none other than a cat and shoes and wild and do not pick people. Cat with a pair of jeans with a pair of jeans handsome Oh ~ ha ha ha velvet pointed high heels, velvet black nike shoes material to add a sense of high, formal occasions is a good choice Oh, full of details of the lace is more Make you set off more charming.