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If you are poor with a distance that should be 5CM

In fact, we all know this year, a small rough is nike shoes on sale very popular, but also by the stars like, why? Just because TA is not only comfortable but also looks more elegant. Small rough with the shoes to wear will be very comfortable, especially about 5CM thick with, such a heel, not high will not be like flat shoes, to increase your height, but also to your comfort. Small rough with the shoes is also very diverse, summer you can choose a single shoe or sandals, you can also choose to wear slippers, these are not a problem, simple and comfortable is a small rough with the performance. Fine high with the look will be sexy, but there is a sharp feeling. But the small rough with not the same, TA will be more elegant performance, and this elegant will make people look, wearing comfortable.

Small rough with can be considered a wild, but also can manage a lot of occasions, take a look at the stars to take TA to shoot, with jeans is not also make people feel elegant? Of course, a small rough with a skirt can be used, dress or skirt can HOLD live, summer today, the weather has been so tortured, and can not let the heel to torture you, a small rough with the first choice. Like this retro small rough with, with a suit is also very harmonious, can reflect the workplace capable, but also make people feel the elegance of a woman, will not look very sharp feeling. Small rough with a short skirt is also very good, although there is no fine as high as the legs of the lines are very tall, but this comfortable little sexy, or very black and white nikes good. Pointed design, for the little flaws on the toes of MM is a very good choice, the shoe buckle rivet design, but also a fashion sense, this combination of elegance and fashion, can make people eye-catching. Fight color design, with a small rough with, a little taste of small incense, so that shoes will make you feel very temperament, there is an elegant feminine.

A little retro grandma shoes taste, such a shoe design, wear will be nike outlet store very comfortable, and this year is also particularly popular such a style, as fashionable people, you have to have a sense of fashion. Small rough will be compared with a little girl taste a little, lace design, can make your feet nike free 5.0 are short of the shortcomings are ignored, pointed design, but also allows you to look more foot long.