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Home / News > Legs is the key to decide whether you wear pants or skirts!


Legs is the key to decide whether you wear pants or skirts!

Always have a small motor in the pursuit of legs and legs fine, but Xiaobian I really want to say, leg is good with the legs is as important as the good thing. Legs are not good baby with the arrival of the summer will be exposed, although we want to have a pair of perfect straight legs, but the innate conditions we can not change the matter, we only through the shape of the day after tomorrow to change, But we can also short-term from the dress up to avoid weaknesses, the shortcomings of a good cover off, we can win a big victory Oh! Usually a lot of mm will be troubled out of the street in the end is to wear a skirt or wear pants, do not think cranky, what to wear are looking at the legs of the ok? For their own is the best Oh Legs are not perfect and will not affect our dress, we can dress to modify the stature, nike sale virtually cover the shortcomings, if you are O-type, X-type leg type, then you should pay attention!

O-leg as the name suggests is the nike air max women legs straight like a letter O shape. Facing the mirror stand straight, the knee can not be close together, and the more wide the more wide spacing, O-type legs are usually accompanied by too much separation of the pelvis, which will be the cause of gastric ptosis and physical pain; O-type legs in the thin when it is difficult to lower body Thin down, will lead to the upper body small lower body ugly situation.

This type of leg wear is worth noting that the need for the end of the knee, because the knee can not be completely close together, if not cover, it will be clearly found that this is the O-shaped legs. Of course, this type of dress is definitely better than wearing a pants Oh Do not believe you look down, you can also wear their own long skirt try slightly Pleated skirt has always been walking in the forefront of fashion skirt, the length of the end of the knee, can be a good cover meat was thin, you can also all black nike shoes properly cover the leg type, high waist version of the type is black nike shoes more high, so you see Absolutely only leg. Velvet fabric drape is very good, elegant retro and wild, just wear plain dress is a good look.

In the waist of the wool dress, small split the unique design and embellishment on both sides of the three buttons, so that their own models of odds all oddly playful. The use of before and after the four A-shaped design, although the material costs a lot, but wearing a version of the type is really good, the fabric is not easy to play short hair wool, soft, anti-wrinkle, not easy to play, Very good, especially for this A version of the skirt. Pleated skirt style, but it is the net yarn skirt fabric, umbrella skirt A word version type, light and elegant, texture drape, skirt is two layers, not thin not thick just good, wear a good look, especially Suitable for thick legs crush, do not hook silk does not deformation Oh, skirt not paste legs, washed without deformation will not wrinkle. Really suitable for O-legs and thick legs mm Oh. X-type, as the name suggests, like the O-type, standing in front of the mirror, found the knee can be close together, but the position of the calf is very open, can not be close, looks like X-letter. This type of leg can also be a good solution, but to wear a little loose pants to go, because the tights after wearing a leg if close together, they will immediately find the shortcomings. If it is in the normal circumstances of a little flaw, such as the calf thick, thigh thick or hip wide ass big like this time whether it is wearing a skirt or wearing pants, have it with the rules. Calf thick can wear large bell-bottoms, look very thin legs; thigh thick can wear A word skirt, effectively cover the meat Oh; if the hip is wide but also a good fit Oh