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Look from the shoes to see the taste, boys shoes essential shoes in this!

In every person's youth memories are so reluctant to forget the time, the young time always like with the small partner in the school playground sweat, then the sky is very blue, the sun is also very warm, and now, those who accompany us Young people have gradually disappeared in the memory, can make people remember that good times, only running shoes, youth always like with a small partner who better than the shoes, better than those who wear shoes, get on the machine, Take a look at the running shoes that we missed in those years. 2017 is bound to be retro running shoes unprecedented shiny year! From the major shoes to fashion week, retro running shoes everywhere, coupled with the download of the band is undoubtedly the best is to pass the best signal to us. So if your shoe inside there is not a pair of retro running shoes, come and see it! Retro style strong pair of running shoes, fresh nike factory store and generous color, the shoe body with mesh material, different parts all black nike shoes of the use of different texture design, so that the shoe is more stable, not easy to deformation, the shoes embedded within the elasticity of better air cushion, Feel more comfortable.

Deep atmosphere of the color plus the classic fashion style, and no one highlights the young people's personality, lightweight material feet more comfortable, running from the strenuous, whether it is climbing or playing is a very good choice. The color of youthful sunshine, like the memories of the students in the same time, simple, fresh, simple, no trouble. Shoes soft and comfortable, feet light, the first layer of leather black and white nikes material texture, so that your feet under the wind running shoes, sports party must. Retro style children and fashion children coexistence of a pair of shoes, the upper use of cattle layer of leather, fur and cloth with a Velcro with the design, so that the whole pair of shoes full of unique feeling of personality, the new outsole rubber material , Light shock, wearing comfortable, concave type of choice.