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Minimalist sneakers, nike air max so much charm!

Simple lines, monotonous color design to create a pair of minimalist style of sports shoes has become sought after tide shoes. Minimalist sports shoes without exaggerated color design and large area of ??the pattern, the color is relatively simple, and generally based on the nike store cold color, at the same time do not have to consider with too much. Popular characteristics of casual shoes, and has been standing in the global fashion arena, affecting the streets from the hip-hop, casual fashion to high-end fashion and other areas of the fashion trend, everyone deserves to have a pair of classic. Leather combination vamp, soft and comfortable, highlight the texture, and easy to take care of. Suede material is a classic logo, superior texture, elegant appearance, more reflects the charm of retro shoes, the appearance of the texture of what will be able to conquer the eye of consumers. Made from high-quality leather, it gives a soft and comfortable natural feel. Suede shoe body, to create a rich retro atmosphere.

High-quality leather shoe body, they wear, but also enhance the overall sense of quality shoes body. Classic side stripes design, made of good material, loved by fans. Vamp with canvas material and synthetic leather stitching made of both nike free 5.0 breathable and abrasion resistance; rubber sole lines clear and natural, non-slip wear the shoes while maintaining the lightness, while maintaining good flexibility, cushioning performance is good; A pedal design, easy to wear daily. Thin and fabric echoes the light of the shoe body, tilt up and down the unique design, extremely cushioning.