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Home / News > No New Year's U.S. shoes, spring is like barefoot!


No New Year's U.S. shoes, spring is like barefoot!

Many little fairies have complained recently about the lack of clothes and shoes. What I want to say is that you were naked in the spring of last year. However, it was really a big problem to avoid wearing clothes in the coming season. Bare feet, New Year's shoes quickly added to buy it! Actually, as long as these four shoes are prepared for the girls' shoes, they will not feel nike air max that they have no clothes to wear. The first one is small white shoes. This shoe can be worn all year round, and it is very versatile kobe shoes and shorts. Short skirts, trousers, long skirts, etc. are free to match! The second is a single shoe, this shoe can be worn in both spring and autumn, and with a very beautiful skirt, it is very easy to wear, is a must-have style for lazy, a wild single shoes, can solve almost all the wardrobe Clothes with problem. The third paragraph is high-heeled shoes, although some girls do not like to wear high heels, but high-heeled shoes are still necessary for girls, workplace wear and banquet occasions are often used, so you need to prepare a beautiful shoes! The fourth paragraph is boots, although the winter season is generally winter, but the cold winter winds, there is no boots, there is no warmth in winter, and boots and clothes are particularly good-looking, recently there are summer boots It!

The shoes are made from fashionable fish scales. They are designed in a style that is easy to retro tether. The soles are double-layered. After rubber foaming, they have comfortable performance and comfort. Selected shoes imported material, the texture of the sheep's skin, soft and comfortable, moderate thickness, smooth lines, hollow design, comfortable and breathable, and increase the small sexy, rubber foam bottom, very comfortable, travel is also acceptable. Seemingly simple white shoes, you must not know that he hides so much, it is a small white shoes loved by Tang Yi and Yang Mi, super fiber leather upper, soft and breathable, comfortable and wearable , Well dressed and good-looking white shoes, you deserve to have. Although the shoes are not white crystal shoes, but it can meet all your fantasies about the princess style, the elegant petals of many colors is one of its highlights, although not discount nike shoes a diamond, but it also has a different kind of flavor! Small shoes are classic black, simple and generous design, not too much decoration, but it is very good-looking, hollow upper not only look good, is also very obvious in terms of ventilation, this small shoes can be used with a variety of different styles Clothes yo. The toe part of the single shoe has a big bow tie, and the middle of the V-shape hollows out, giving a little sexy, dark halo a little purple, this color melts together to give people a particularly comfortable experience, like the van art of Do not miss girls! Check this element is the element that nike factory store continues to be popular in 2018. This high heel is designed with checkered elements. Retro fashion, really good looking, the square buckle design of the toecap, get rid of monotony, giving a mature and capable temperament. . High-heeled shoes use hollow and riveted elements to finely revise the lines of the feet. It appears that the foot lines are more perfect and temperament. Fine-heeled high-heeled shoes will be more sexy, and the heels will not be too high and they will not wear. It will be too tiring.