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Personality Grand Slam, tie shoes out made, the United States turned!

Playing fashion is most afraid of the money spent a lot, and finally also fall a nondescript, perhaps with the personal taste has nothing to do, it is too business to fan, which also lack some season, although not shoddy, is to wear Out of a few times the taste of fashionable, so if there is time not bad money, to the major well-known show field turn, you will find that this season there are fashionable. Fashionable popular models - Chelsea boots, not to kobe 11 miss the fashionable secret is to have a pair of nike shop ultimate casual boots, although compared to the previous flat round, slope with some nike clearance different, but think about how the previous equestrian sports is distinguished, You can understand the slope with the swaying ladies complex. When the Chelsea boots were evolved into the Chelsea style, had to make a great job for the Beatles, where the stitching car line with angular texture, so that the flat bottom and the side of the tightly hidden a little lazy suddenly change the super pole rebellion , As if penetrating the metal-like sonorous romance.

Square head can be so cute, had to admit that the big streamline is cheap nike air max unique, like a very extensive European and American design, but the side has a thick round in the fine to the fine new ideas, and take the sweater to become the same name, Of the cocoon-type loose wide leg grand, Chelsea boots transformation came into being is also reasonable.