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Sandals wear clothing nike shoes fashion T Taiwan sense

Say that summer is the season of dew, in fact, nikes on sale nike shox not only wear more clothes, even the shoes are like to wear sandals mostly. The following is Xiaobian selected several sandals, each one has its unique charm, not only version of fashionable atmosphere, quality is first class, this year's shoe cabinet must not be missing Oh! Classic fashion black style, comfortable feet on the temperament. A word buckle with the decoration, the legs of the lines modified slender sexy. Open toe version of type, fresh without losing personality. Small side with the style, that is not tired feet. Flat style of the feet light and comfortable feet are not tired feet. Metal buckle design, simple easy to wear off. Inside the leather, fresh and not feet. Summer travel wear it, wear and fashionable. Flat sandals, it is this year's color of the main push of a single product fashion. Exquisite silk material, comfortable and sweat. Thick soles of the soles of the design can be perfect and can be a good non-slip. Bow decoration is added a bit sweet atmosphere. Free with a short skirt, casually was natural. Shallow brown, good with no pick people. Simple design style with retro style, suction eyes without losing temperament. Exquisite word buckle, the ankle decorated sexy full. With the package on the skirt, feminine full.

Simple design style, comfortable feet and the atmosphere. Transparent straps are full of white feet full of feet. Leather material, good wear uncomfortable feet. Whether it is with shorts to wear or wear with a short skirt can easily wear clothing fashion sense. Atmospheric style of Europe and the United States, the upper foot suction eyes were personality. Exquisite sheep suede material, not only the perfect eye there is a good water absorption effect. The word buckle with a rough version of the type, comfortable feet uncomfortable feet. Simple clip type, on the feet light and refreshing. Metal side of the decoration is not showing the same cheap nike running shoes sense of luxury and a sense of luxury. Flat soles of the soles of the design with a word buckle, comfortable and convenient, with a wide leg pants was thin and full. Design style, giving a refreshing feeling. Retro style with matte material, sweat and comfortable. Exquisite flowers decorated, the feet of the small enough to modify. Go to the beach when you wear it, comfortable type.