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Home / News > Say goodbye to the cold cold cotton pad you have to prepare


Say goodbye to the cold cold cotton pad you have to prepare

Cold more and more heavy. In the body parts, the most vulnerable to cold is the invasion of both feet. Especially for girls, cold feet in winter is very common. If this phenomenon has not been improved for a long time, it will also lead to various health problems such as irregular menstruation and rheumatism. Therefore, in addition to usually wear thick socks to go out, even if they stay at home, but also have to do a good job at the foot of the warmth. In many thermal equipment, regardless of men and women, cotton slippers is a must. Whether it is plush or short plush, cotton slippers soft plush inside, it is comfortable to wear on the warm. Especially with the package style, you can also put the heel into the whole feet are followed by the warm. Whether for boys or girls are suitable for wearing a pair of cotton slippers. The use of high-quality plush fabric, soft and delicate touch, but not easy to hair loss. Half drag + open design, both warm and breathable. Cotton slippers inside the use of high-quality imitation rabbit hair, soft touch, very warm. And all inclusive with the design, you can warm the entire foot, so that your feet are no longer cold, very intimate.

Cotton slippers in the design can be very girl heart. Fluffy cartoon shape design, it is Meng Meng. And whether the upper or the inside are plush material, it is warm. Looks very warm a cotton slippers. Inside the thick coral velvet nike factory outlet material used, the effect of thermal insulation Leverage. The soles are used TPR plastic, non-slip and wear-resistant, very worn. Very cute cotton slippers. The design of the upper rabbit's shape, great three-dimensional. And nike shoes men plush thick kobe shoes plush design, you can lock the temperature well, so that your feet are no longer cold. A very sweet home cotton slippers. Gray shoes designed pink bow, the whole is very elegant atmosphere. And in the end also designed exquisite embroidery patterns, adding a lot of design sense. Very delicate cotton slippers. Coral velvet inside and outside the shoes are used material, plush nikes on sale fine soft, very warm on the feet. And suede used suede matte leather material, not only non-slip, is also very wear-resistant.

Whether it is home or out of cotton shoes are suitable. Simple shape design, you can match any dress. Inside the plush material, not only not easy to hair loss, but also lock the warmth.