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Skirt plus sports shoes, wear nike shoes out the maverick beauty

This fall, fashion circles can be said to be very popular with "skirts + shoes" with this combination is not only comfortable to wear, but also very stylish Oh! However, accustomed to high-heeled shoes with the girls do not know how to match the shoes? It does not matter, then look down! Skirt plus sports shoes, wear a maverick beauty! Sneakers, give a person a feeling of youth, with the same people look very young girl's skirt, so that you are full of vitality! Short skirt length is best 10cm in the knee online position, in addition, the choice of high waist section, allows our legs look slim, slender! Half short pleated skirt design, quite a college style, to show a beautiful long legs, youthful and vibrant, very dynamic. High waist design, so that the legs of the lines become more attractive, reveals a small fresh style, youthful vitality in a quiet moment, enduring plaid elements, fashion is thin and thin, reveals the Scottish style , Fresh and elegant, very young girl feeling. Short pleated effect, can lengthen the body proportion, was significantly thin, to create a full beautiful girl shape, youthful and energetic, vibrant.

Over the knee long skirt can be said to be very suitable for thick thighs, thin legs girl, who said elegant intellectual pencil skirt or pleated skirt is only suitable for workplace or dating wear? With comfortable shoes, the same can be for us to add a different kind of charm, more refined personality can highlight! Art knit skirts, very temperament gray skirts, high waist version with a large skirt design exudes women's S curve, to make you refined and elegant, while highlighting the low profile simple beauty. Gentle knit fabric, warm and very wide, so elegant woman feels winter. In fact, all of the sports shoes with the most real wear combination or to be a sports shoes + dress, the first attempt to mix and match the style nike air max of girls, can choose their own relaxed and relaxed dress style, and then with cheap nike shoes a pair of comfortable sneakers, South Korea Fan full! Striped knit dress, with a sense of sunshine vitality, slim design is very thin, usually all black nike shoes worn alone or used with a trench coat are beautiful, and very comfortable. Classic round neck design, making your perfect curve of the neck presented, casual long-sleeved design, more stylish temperament. Delicate and exquisite tailoring, the golden ratio of waistline, so tall and slim figure, waist with knot band design, rich sense of design, given the dress with distinctive features, looks particularly significant high. Comfortable breathable fabric, feel fine, showing a beautiful female body curves.