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Summer boys so shoes, girls can not stand

There are some boys, in the shoes when there is a bad habit, is like the heel on the footsteps, especially in the summer when they wear canvas shoes. Maybe boys do feel like wearing cool and comfortable, but tell the truth in the eyes of girls, so wear too no goods, especially the heel was stepped on for a long time, not only the color dirty also looked very slim, nike factory outlet simply did not see. Wear like this also want to go to the goddess? I see it is a game. Many boys wear a pedal when the canvas shoes like to step on the heel, so in order to control your own, put on cheap nike shoes shoelaces with shoelaces it. Bright yellow canvas shoes, with white shoelaces, the color is very fresh, full of youthful vigor, low to help design to wear ankle is very sexy. White canvas shoes, toe stitching gray, the color is very fresh and clean, put on the student party atmosphere, by age was tender. Pure white canvas shoes, very popular small white shoes style Oh, the overall height of the soles to wear there is a small increase in the effect. Low to help the shoes you can step on the heel, high help can not step on the bar, so in order to avoid step on black and white nikes the heel, you can choose high to help canvas shoes or Martin boots Oh.

Khaki's Martin boots, high-help design, with nine pants or jeans will be very handsome, a kind of wild taste. High to help the canvas shoes, toe with a little shell style, vulcanization of the nike clearance big end wearing comfortable and durable, you can not wear bad Oh. High to help the Martin boots, uppers for the gray-black, toe to take the color process is bright black, retro and stylish, outsole design brings more tough handsome taste. Shoes because the relationship between the fabric is easy to be trampled off, so you can change shoes Oh, shoes, some harder material, and expensive shoes you can not bear it! Leisure section of the black shoes, both with business suits, can also do daily wear, very comfortable, low to help with the design of nine pants with surprises. Brown leather shoes, toe to take the color of the process, the color retro with fashion, as well as Bullock carved design, bring British style. Black shoes, vamps to take embossed design, with a low-key luxury sense, flat-bottomed Carrefour shoes wearing a very comfortable start.