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Home / News > Summer come, how to wear skirts with shoes?


Summer come, how to wear skirts with shoes?

Hot summer has come, hard to resist the heat must have made sister paper had a leg of the plan it ~! Then the skirt will naturally become the first choice of our friends ~! But from the recent side of the girlfriend and friends who, Satsuki found a problem, and the problem in our girls is also very common, that is, with the shoes of the problem, and a lot of sister paper always said that the usual dress with only Limited clothes, as long as the clothes can be a good match, as with the shoes with a lot of sister paper do not attach importance to nike trainers the fundamental. Shoes do not have a good match, no matter how beautiful and dressed to wear, always let a short board of light, so Satsuki feel the need to share some personal experience to the baby. Now at the beginning of the summer, the skirt is naturally the next time the popular choice, then today we say how to wear a dress with a pair of shoes it ~! Although a wide range of shoes, but in the hot summer, breathable comfort is the first choice for the sister paper, then high-heeled sandals is naturally one of the essential items. And high-heeled sandals in the end when the appearance to wear clothing Feel it? What kind of dress is suitable for high-heeled sandals? You just have to remember a key word: mature on the line. High heels as a more mature and ladies of a single product, and style generous mature skirt together to make people stunning, such as lace skirt, chiffon nike air max skirt and the like. The effect is very ladies.

Gold velvet half skirt also as one of the hottest fashion, but also by many fashion sister paper sought after, and rich in metal wind color velvet skirt naturally also need a pair of metal wind high heels to match. In the choice of velvet skirt when you can match a pair of bright or European elements of the high-heeled shoes, in this heavy metal under the show, let the overall effect of wearing out more avant-garde. Skirt is also the sister of the summer one of the thousands of pet, like to wear short skirts of the sister paper are quite confident, so skirt in the end there is how magic magic? The answer is naturally it is unique in the performance of the performance was significantly high ~ So what kind of shoes can be a perfect match with the skirt, this is a high feature of a higher level? It must be non-pointed shoes must go. Pointed shoes for the modification of the foot line can be used to describe the perfect, in the pointed shoes under the modification, the feet will look very slim, and then with a short skirt against the big legs under the back. nike clearance It is not too sexy.

The same as a short skirt with one of the sports wind shoes will appear even more fresh. If the short skirt and pointed shoes meet the perfect interpretation of the sexy, then the short skirt and sports wind encounter is a kind of age and girls line. For tall girls, Satsuki will focus on the recommendation of this short skirt and sports shoes with Oh ~! Because the tall girls have no need to use high heels to increase the height, and choose a pair of sports shoes, but can avoid a lot of embarrassment Oh ~!