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Summer is the best time to wear flat shoes

In this hot summer, although there are a lot of beautiful high heels like you waved, but can Hold Holders every day or a few days, after all, do not want to self-sufficiency in the comfort of the street have to rely on a pair of flat shoes to support the field is not. So in this season you must invest in a pair of flat shoes, posters compiled for you to recommend the three classic will lose flat shoes, sharp section minimalist, round head cute and Jiaoqiao, Carrefour shoes more Handsome, every one can make you travel exceptionally wonderful, come take nike store a look! To say that the most low-end women in the lowest temperament of the most fearless non-round flat shoes must go. This pair of ballet shoes for the prototype of the shoes through continuous interpretation, and ultimately become girls are love shoes. Round design is not only lovely and very Jiaoqiao, with dress or jeans are very young age. And tied with round head flat shoes on the more retro sweet, and tie elements can be modified ankle lines, but also show nike clearance you with a careful machine Oh Pointed head is the highest popularity in flat shoes, many people are very obsessed with the little tip brought about by the temperament. The fact is that, delicate and sexy shoes and pointed design, not only can lengthen the legs lines, but also make your ankles look more slender, but nike factory store also through the visual effects so that you are significantly tall and thin. Do not look at it is flat at the end, but in the case of significant high and no thin!

Lok Fu shoes is the exclusive of the boys that is wrong, and now a lot of styles of music shoes nike store is no longer tough, neutral representatives, but more and more become simple, comfortable, suitable for women to wear. And then with exquisite stones, suede and other elements, so that music shoes, whether with skirts or pants are very suitable for the summer concave shape of the holy goods ah!