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Taste begins with the next step, must buy men's shoes on these!

To say that sports shoes is the overlord of fashion circles in recent years should be no objection, the more young boys buy more sports shoes, met when wearing shoes, embarrassed. Is the so-called well-dressed, but also to wear good shoes, today we recommend several nice shoes shoes. Bullock. This classic carved shoes absolutely easy for you to stand out in the crowd, which is characterized by the formation of the cheap nikes toe at the "W" shape. In recent years, wing-style carved shoes are more and more tide men favor. nike factory outlet Even if winter does not reveal ankle and socks can be exposed British children full of children. Oxford shoes. This is definitely the first choice of tide men with suits, after the development of the upper class society has gradually become the official venue for formal shoes, even if usually, wearing jeans or slacks, rolled up trousers can be easily collocated with Oxford shoes. Color to brown, dark brown, easy with a variety of suits.

Derby shoes. Compared to the formal Oxford shoes, Derby shoes are more comfortable without restraint, but also comes with some solemn texture, both for formal occasions and for casual style. Open the lapel, the tongue one piece shape, wearing a more comfortable, basic plain black, coffee color is also very suitable for formal business occasions. Monk shoes. Also known as monks shoes, the basic feature is to take a belt discount nike shoes from the inside to nike store the outside of both feet, with a metal buckle fixed. Compared with ordinary shoes, Mengke shoes obviously higher recognition, we recommend that you choose double buckle, can greatly increase the score for the entire match. Choose the color brown and black is the most error-free, serious black, brown, elegant, are very suitable for formal occasions.