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The beauty of the shoes, the staff ingenuity

Some things insist on a lifetime only interesting, life only one thing, beliefs into a heritage, craft more and more superb, every piece of work are classic. No matter in which era, the craftsman's heart and hands are the most delicate feelings, in the shoe industry, handmade shoes is undoubtedly high-end technology, a pair of pure hand shoes can not only highlight their own taste, but also a self-expression of personality and nike shox style The way. If the Swiss watchmaking is a stream of industrial floods, then Italy, such a place with the Renaissance and cultural accumulation, the handmade shoes is an industrial torrent in a literary style. From the beginning of the Middle Ages, the Italian handmade shoes to pay attention to style, flexibility, Seiko secret agents, in the design of hard work, craftsmen in kobe shoes the production not only pay attention to the beautiful shoes, but also pay attention to the comfort of shoes, so that different buyers are wearing feet , Not only the foot satisfaction, physical and mental is more comfortable.

Indian philosopher Osho in his book "when the shoes fit", said: "When the shoes fit, the foot was forgotten." His words out of the "philosophy of shoes," the essence - only shoes and feet to reach a comfortable black and white nikes understanding of the feet to get real freedom, which is the real value of the shoes of gold, since then, they put this as the aesthetic point of the shoes , And thus made to do the shoes always fit. Florence, Italy, the name of the poem is not only a strong independent and refined life of the traditional city-state representatives, and also has the city's most hand-made shoe-making workshop, these handmade shoe factory for hundreds of years of history, after Time and years of precipitation, the function of the shoes have long been not worn on the feet of things. Here, if you want to buy shoes, no money can not afford to buy, because every pair of shoes are spent three months time little by little pure hand to build. And the use of materials stress, toad skin, camel skin, crocodile skin and other precious materials are common, do not worry about environmental issues here, because most of the animals are natural death. Handmade shoes, the first is the amount of foot, because the difference will be 0.1 shoes will be tight, poor 0.3 shoes can not wear. The size of the foot is the last, this may be a lot of people is unfamiliar, but popular is the foot of the model, use it to replace our feet, so that when the production of shoes more convenient. And this system is also based on the beginning of the amount of data from the beginning to start the wrong, the back will be step by step wrong, made of shoes even if the exquisite also wearing inappropriate. This is probably the charm of hand, wear its beautiful shoes, creating a beautiful thing.

Unique blue soles and sides along the British Bullock copy flowers, classic British retro elements and fashion bluke copy design combination, gentleman and elegant taste to do now. There are good-looking shape, of course, have to have a comfortable inside, the foot of intelligent pad, designed to provide targeted soles of the buffer design, reduce fatigue, to maintain all-day comfort. High-quality leather, adjustable temperature and humidity, while the effect of breathable, leathery ground strong, durable wear-resistant. More advanced is that contains activated carbon, contribute to the foot health, effectively reduce the bacteria, and made of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, not easy to mold. Thick blue wear anti-slip bottom, not only fashion, it is practical. Poor shoes are poor, and good shoes are different species, this love step shoes, soft and comfortable leather upper, lined with fabric, plus replaceable leather insoles, with a comfortable fiber system, making shoes The overall air circulation, comfortable and breathable. In addition, single-layer PU soles with shock lebron 14 absorption, light outsole to improve the additional cushioning function.