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Home / News > These five actions, wear high heels you must not do!


These five actions, wear high heels you must not do!

High heels is an indispensable essential women, because wearing high eye shoes can not only make women elegant body, graceful, but also conducive to bone correction. Yes, the right to wear high heels really can have graceful posture, increase the inner charm of women, on the contrary, the wrong posture will not only make women lose elegance, still inadvertently damage the health. Among them, 5 kinds of common posture has the greatest impact on women. The first: wear high heels when crooked standing.

Wearing high heels feet will be more tired, many women like to stand when the center of gravity to the side, tired and then the other side. Long-term so, will cause uneven on both sides of the lumbar spine, resulting in low back pain.

The correct posture should be, legs upright, calf and abdomen slightly tightened, the center of gravity slightly forward, his eyes flat forward. If you want to stand for a long time, every 10 minutes with a little action to exchange the center of gravity.

Second: curled up on the couch watching TV.

Many women watching TV, like curled up in the sofa, holding snacks while eating and watching. As everyone knows, this position on the body of great harm, affect the breathing and digestion, not only will squeeze the internal organs, but also lead to lumbar muscle strain.

Recommended to choose a little higher, hard sofa. If the seat is too deep, may wish to put a cushion in the waist.

The third: office bent over collapsed.

White-collar family sedentary office, sitting tired to the computer desk a lie, a long time to become a hump with shrimp, affecting beauty, and buried for health risks.

The correct posture is that the head nike trainers and neck remain upright, the body all black nike shoes is perpendicular to the ground and can lean back against the backrest chair.

The third: walking down with chest

Fast-paced life so that women all day long like the wind like a hurry, walking always bow down forward In fact, bow the chest with chest and lung impact.

Suggested to walk, the rise of flat head, so that the thigh to promote the use of small thighs, beneficial to active heart and lung function.

The fourth: thinking questions love care cheeks.

Often can see some women like to hold the cheeks, thinking about the various problems. The harm is to induce back pain, and the cervical spine is very negative. Recommended white-collar women who want to go up when the problem, or put his hands on the back neck, to reverse the neck, to ensure blood flow in the brain.

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