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Tide male welfare big run: canvas shoes with books are in this

Canvas shoes wild, the trend is that many people like to wear a shoe, then we come to see how to choose high-quality canvas shoes, canvas shoes in the end how to match the most tide it ~ ~ canvas shoes how to wear, wear Out of their own style the most important, nike store take the most secure jeans, no matter how uncoordinated, but also to create a conflict of contradictory beauty. Contradictory romance: girls spring and summer essential chiffon dress, coupled with canvas shoes to guide the shape back to neutral, lively line, coupled with colorful tights or semi-socks also have the finishing touch effect. How to ride the canvas shoes, the only taboo is the collapse of pants, because the canvas shoes shoes narrow, flat, can not afford to almost fall off the visual collapse of the pants, but like the top of the feet as heavy feet. Canvas shoes and jeans with the very appropriate. Long jeans just cover the effect of the foot, just with the canvas shoes 6 to 12 mm soles match. And the type of boots canvas shoes with pants is definitely a very good choice. Canvas shoes elegant outline, close to the foot of the package, but also increased this kind of doubts. Boots are real military standard, it is clear to enhance the temperament of the man. In addition, there is no "inside the increase" role, do not look at it soles look a little thick, this is an eye illusion. Canvas shoes life is almost two nike sneakers to three times the sneakers. And the development of soles open mold technology to increase the wear-resistant properties, in order to wear the basic canvas shoes can be opened into a "Yamagata", in order to prevent the canvas shoes can be opened into a "herringbone." This powerful impact resistance, non-slip, wear-resistant characteristics, is difficult to match the general sports shoes.

?Buy the best choice for canvas shoes manufacturers or professional manufacturers of products, such manufacturers more emphasis on credibility, technology is better, the selected material is relatively good. In the packaging of the shoe box on the regular manufacturers are generally marked size, color, production materials used, manufacturers phone, and its nike trainers quality standards. The box is also very fine. Select the canvas shoes look first. Canvas shoes, as the name suggests, the upper generally made of canvas. When the purchase depends on the upper to the curvature of the upper is normal, whether the two shoes on the lining, with or without color; different parts of the upper suture stitch is uniform and neat, whether broken, jumping needle; color is consistent; With the foot to see where the shoe body and the soles are vertical, with or without skewing, with respect to the lining; see the upper printed patterns and text is clear, paste or stitching decorative icons are solid. Also check the soles. Soles generally use rubber outsole, so that the soles require wear-resistant, anti-skid, but also light, so when the purchase depends on the soles of the anti-slip stripes are clear. With or without glue defects. Stripes are uniform, nike clearance the same material is the same color soles. To see if there is no stomata or blistering. Finally check the insole. In the end of the hand to touch the soft, there is a certain flexibility, the printing of the trademark to be clear. Look at the rubber bonding site to see if there are small spots, bubbles. The two shoes on the ground contrast, check the various parts of the color, pattern, level, length and width are consistent.

Canvas shoes are light, non-slip, so it is more suitable for travel or jogging and other sports, but it is less breathable, long-term wear, feet will often in a humid environment, may cause sweat and eczema, or further Infected with other skin diseases, such as tinea pedis, erysipelas and so on. Experts believe that canvas shoes should not wear long-term. Canvas shoes, the design of the shoe body is too soft, especially the heel and the bottom part is not thick enough, the stability is not high, the rubber sole shock absorber is poor, it should not wear it to participate in strenuous exercise, such as playing basketball, playing football The However, walking, skipping and other small intensity of the movement, you can wear appropriate.