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Trend of casual shoes, custom your own sports wind

Refreshing in May so quietly came, say that May does not lose weight, June is sad. Reality is indeed the case, so the sister of the paper in order to be able to dumplings in June this season, the United States and the United States, of course, or ultimately lose weight, friends, running every nike sale day is essential, and ultimately, accompanied by sports shoes, not only Just run the course of daily wear and ultimately it. I believe a lot of sister paper have seen hit the color stitching flat shoes, unique personality design style so many people fascinated, as nowadays the most popular single product, wear too comfortable, this is the classic casual shoes nike air max sale style Oh! Flat shoes can be said to be a little bit of casual shoes, different from its ordinary white shoes, in carrying out kobe 11 some of the articles, such as straps, diamonds, printing, etc. are very fashionable today Tide goods, wild and then temperament. Leather pizza comfortable white lace inside the increase in high leisure high-help women canvas shoes, shoes are very beautiful, wild was thin at the same time can stretch the proportion of the legs Oh!

Thick end of the style shoes have been closely followed by the trend, simple appearance but without losing the simple charm is the trend of the boutique, thick bottom of the muffin style to wear it is also very comfortable. Slope with low to help casual shoes. Classic simple sports shoes style full of leisure Oh! The design of the slope with the wear is very soft feet, using a stylish canvas leather stitching design filling fashion cool cool feeling, selected high-quality fabric design durable anti-skid effect awesome. Velcro small white shoes. Fashion trend of small white shoes, but the wild out of the concave shape of the essential goods, put on the foot while filling the fashion casual wind, the upper use of high-quality high-end leather fabric production show high quality, Velcro's embellishment is unique The Stars do old dirty shoes. Fashion personality to do the old dirty shoes is nowadays ultra-popular style Oh! Do the old style full of retro style, high-quality refining process show high-end, the first layer of pig skin inside the soft feet, fashion stars also show a unique sense of embellishment.

Wild thick bottom increased sports shoes. The use of high-quality high-grade fabric unique custom made to create your own dedicated running shoes, to help the surface is made of a variety of materials stitching made of elastic, inside the material is to create a comfortable yarn and more breathable, wild leisure you worth having The Original personality casual ninja shoes. Original fashion ninja running shoes show unique personality style, simple trend of leisure style, comfortable wild. Loose round design nike clearance store fashion modeling filling glory, clever use of elastic buckle manufacturing visual segmentation art effect, pocketed the rate.