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Want to transfiguration goddess, such high-heeled boots essential

Want to be a goddess of style, but you can not miss the fashion high heels Oh in autumn and winter, boots are undoubtedly the existence of warmth and fashion, and for those who want to wear a confident style and goddess temperament of the girls, only High-heeled boots is your choice. In contrast, high-heeled shoes cheap nike air max on the foot to enhance the temperament, the whole person's gas field will become different Oh. Of course, the same high-heeled boots will have a different style, Xiaobian today to introduce you to the goddess who must have several styles of high-heeled boots. Rough with the boots, feet on the more casual and handsome style, from the inside and out of the sense of casual smart, more generous temperament, are wild models, regardless of collocation dresses or pants are suitable. Pointy thick with women's boots, simple style but without losing the personality, handsome and stylish feet, wear it super temperament, but also to control different occasions, allowing you to easily wear a sense of high.

England full of casual style of cheap nike shoes a short boots, simple atmosphere but very publicity personality highly casual, classic retro nike factory store and fashion trends, can easily deduce stylish urban style. Rough with Martin boots, a look stylish to not, toe metal decoration, full sense of the upper body after the legs seem thin and long, at the same time make the overall shape more stylish. Thin with the boots, the style is even more delicate, easily show a woman elegant, pretty, sexy and so on, after the foot, make you more feminine. Short boots with a pointed design, was significantly more slender legs delicate texture, atmospheric resistance to see, light small fine with, easy to stretch the leg curve, showing a sexy gesture. Thin with leather boots, using simple and wild style, pointed more avant-garde personality, with a delicacy of fine stilettos, elegance and romance also revealed at the same time. Although high-heeled shoes look good, but wearing a long time will inevitably tired, especially when shopping, dating, and slope with short boots on the feet, greatly enhance the comfort, casual style.