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Wear shoes you should know the grinding of the foot of the supposed

For those who love to wear shoes we absolutely can not avoid the pain of grinding feet, but we only bite the bullet down it? Before we may wear it, but from the beginning of this article you see, you do not need to endure, and three strokes easily solve the trouble of grinding shoes. We can use a wet towel to cover a few minutes, so that the shoes gradually wet and soft, and then press the weight several times just fine. If it is the back of the shoes grinding feet, wet wipes can be fully dry, and then soaked with liquor, shop to the edge of the nikes on sale shoe, with a clip fixed, put a night on it. With Vaseline smear the piece of grinding the foot of the site, and then placed two days, during the uninterrupted Vaseline conservation, leather will be softened to wear it will not wear a foot. So that leather shoes naturally air max 90 soften. Natural nike free 5.0 softening is the best, early with tape can be used in the shoes and feet grinding place, after a period of time will not be too grinding feet and then remove the tape, put on a little thick socks. When wearing shoes must wear thick points of socks, reduce the friction between feet and shoes.

We took a newspaper, kneaded into a group, dip some water, do not be too wet, but the whole group are stained with water, and then take Zhang dry newspaper wrapped in wet newspaper, stuffed in the crowded feet, and then the shoes sealed In a plastic bag, put the night so OK. But our best way is to choose shoes when the choice of shoes, this will greatly nike shox clearance reduce the chance of shoes grinding feet, the following Xiaobian to teach you a few very easy to buy shoes skills.