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Home / News > What is the harm to the foot if the shoe does not fit the foot?


What is the harm to the foot if the shoe does not fit the foot?

Shoes are worn every day, but most people don't pay much attention to the science of wearing shoes. When buying shoes, some women use their feet to adapt to shoes in pursuit of new styles. Unsuitable footwear is considered to be the most important cause of foot pain due to damage to the muscles and tendons of the foot. In addition, reports from the United States have pointed out that excessive weight, diabetes, inheritance, lack of light, too nike factory outlet little walking, flat feet or high arched feet, high heels, etc., can also cause foot pain. Unworthy shoes can also cause lice and corns, and some can cause low back pain, shoulder pain or headache, irritability, and depression. Foot pain and wearing inappropriate shoes will cause the nerves in the foot to transmit to the lumbar spine and cause low back pain. Therefore, when choosing a shoe, keep in mind that the sole leather must have the right elasticity; the heel part should be hard to protect the heel; the palm part must have appropriate elasticity and cause a soft bow, so that the sole of the foot is not damaged; the shoe's There should be a proper neutral gear at the top.

What hazards do children wear when wearing inappropriate shoes?

The child's feet are not smaller versions of adult feet. Most of their new nike shoes ankles are cartilage that is being calcified. The elasticity of the bone tissue is large and easily deformed. In addition, the keratinized layer of the epidermis of the foot is thin, and the muscles have a lot of moisture, and it is easy to infect due to injury.

At the bottom of the infant's foot, there are blood vessels and nerves associated with the organs of the body, and many acupuncture points, so the feet are as important to the body as the roots are to the tree. The arch of infants and young children is in a period of development. Unreasonably designed shoes cannot cushion the vibrations generated by the ground when walking, and damage the arch, ankles, knees, waist, and spine, as well as indirect vibration of the brain.

Thick heeled shoes, flat shoes and other adult shoes are difficult to give the child's delicate feet with effective support and protection. At the bottom of the flat shoes in addition to increasing the fatigue of the arch, but also lead to blocked bone development and chronic foot root pain.

Shoes do not fit the harm

1, excessive weight:

The force on the foot is about 120% of body weight. Dr. Bart Gasstworth, a podiatry expert at the University of Chicago, said that obesity can alter the way the feet are under pressure, which can easily lead to plantar fasciitis and heel pain. It can also increase bruises and bunions.

2, diabetes:

Because the foot is farthest from the heart, it is most likely to have poor blood circulation and loss of sensation. Both of these complications lead to unsatisfactory wound healing and amputation. Every year, diabetics should go to the hospital to check their feet. In addition, the shoes must be comfortable to avoid bruising and squeezing the feet.

3, poor blood circulation:

Dr. Taubman, president of the American Foot Medicine Association, said that the peripheral vascular lesions caused by the narrowing of the leg arteries will greatly increase the risk of foot diseases. In addition, smoking can also lead to poor blood circulation.

4, parents have foot pain problems:

Feet are also inherited, so you should pay more attention to your parents' foot health.

5, flat foot or high bow foot:

Flat feet can cause muscles and tendons to lose strength, causing Achilles tendinitis and arthritis. High arched feet can cause rigid foot movements, weakening the shock absorption and increasing knee and back pressure. The former can be treated with corrective shoes or orthopedics; the latter should choose loose soft-soled shoes to reduce the foot cushioning force.

6, shoes do not fit:

A survey of the American Foot Medical Association found that more than 34% of men did not pay attention to whether their shoe number should be changed; 20% of women had injured their shoes every week; 8% were suffering from unfitted shoes. In fact, as you get older, people's feet will become wider and longer, and it's better to try several times before buying shoes.

7, often wear high heels:

Experts say that wearing high heels often causes the feet to be concentrated on the heel and forefoot, which can cause problems with verrucous toe, neuroma, bunions, and toenails. Therefore, in most cases, the height of the heel is preferably not more than 2.5 inches (about 6.35 cm).

8, no sunshine on your feet:

The warm and humid environment is most suitable for fungus reproduction. Therefore, you should always let your feet basking in the sun. When you go home, take off your socks and let your feet see light and sweat. It is best to choose socks that absorb moisture and sweat.

9, do not see the foot doctor:

Other parts of the body are sick. Everyone will go to see a doctor, but the foot is sick but few people pay special attention. In fact, timely treatment, the use of drug insole or foot correction can ease the disease as soon as possible.

10. Too little walk:

Walking more to exercise your foot muscles nike air max is the best way to protect your feet.

4 actions to relieve foot pain

Action 1. Straighten your legs

Face the wall, sit on the floor, keep your feet against the wall, straighten your legs, stretch your calf muscles and hamstring tendons (usually wearing high heels can cause strain on these muscles). When you do this, you can put a pillow under the ass, and the upper body can be tilted forward when stretching.

Action 2. Relax toe

The right leg is stepped forward, and the left leg toe touches the floor, feeling stretched in the back, keeping for 1 minute, and then changing to the right leg.

Action 3. Five-finger toe

Sit in a chair, tilt your left leg, place your fins on your right thigh, insert your left hand fingers into your toe seams, and try to separate your toes. Pay attention to keep the action. Then, change the other side nike outlet and repeat the same operation as above.

Action 4. Stretch by Wall V

Lying on the floor, put your legs up, let the heels of your feet lean against the wall, separate your legs into V-shapes, and keep your buttocks about 10 centimeters from the wall. Feel the inner thigh muscles stretch. An overtightening of the medial thigh muscle can cause the arch to become overstressed and thus cause foot pain. This action not only relieves tension in the inner thigh muscles, but also helps raise the legs and prevent swelling.