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Home / News > What is this popular men's shoes this year? Fashionable men must have five tide shoes


What is this popular men's shoes this year? Fashionable men must have five tide shoes

?Mencius shoes, also known as monk shoes, is a gentleman shoes, one of the four classic shoes, style can be relaxed and easy to be rigorous, cheap nike shoes and jeans can be casual with, but also with the dress to attend. Italian monk design of this shoe type without shoelaces, uppers with metal buckle and large horizontal belt decoration and pressure attached to the tongue, can also be said to be also evil yaizui start. 1. With the business dress with the Meng Ke shoes, with a completely lost in the Oxford shoes gas field. 2. Meng Ke shoes free and easy yuppie temperament, reflected in the leisure type with the nature of the mix and match, with the casual but not casually. 3. If you unlock the tongue on the buckle, no doubt make travel more comfortable, but also more chic uninhibited.

?Bullock shoes are men's classic kobe 11 pointed inner ear flat shoes, the biggest feature is in the toe or shoe body on both sides with a very artistic sense of fine carved. Complicated and sophisticated craft looks more like a symbol of identity, low-key and luxurious Bullock is a rare social occasions a pair of good shoes. And Bullock with the pants should not be too long, to be slightly shorter, you can reveal the upper pattern. And shoes with the color of the pants and shirt is not allowed, of course, your socks is the case. Gray trousers and bright color Bullock with, so you become the focus of the long side of the pants rolled up will be very Fan children. Oxford shoes are developed by the military boots, so more rigorous, on behalf of the elegant style of the gentleman, gentle feeling is nike trainers very suitable for formal occasions to wear. Oxford shoes features reflected in the thick bottom, high heel, tie the three elements, the most classic style to count the number of pieces of sewing underwear must go, he is a deep, introverted and Mensao old school gentleman. The same color coat and Oxford shoes, will make you have become a texture up. Dark trousers plus old Oxford shoes and shirt tie will be bright up the whole dress. Easy casual casual dress, comfortable shoes at the same time inherited the nobility of quality.

Leisurely leisurely shoes to the world to express a life attitude, most of the refers to the flat or low to help the lace shoes, is easy to wear easy to escape, is the classic men's casual shoes. Lok Fu shoes born with a timely style of modern music, fashion in the distribution of free information, durable, comfortable, simple and reflects its love for men. Although leisure, but whether it is suits, leisure and music shoes can be perfect fit. If you want to try the fresh, then the self-cultivation pants with nice socks, look in the mirror. Car shoes, also known as Peas shoes, with breathable soft material, thin, flat with, non-slip characteristics. To help face soft twists and turns, close with the feet, can effectively slow down the leg fatigue. No bottom edge design so that the bottom of nike shox clearance the shoe shrink, there will be no shoes hook to the pedal thing happened. Is the perfect combination of fashion and real life model, set the comfort and safety in one.