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Why often change socks, wear canvas shoes or smell

Canvas shoes is our youth memories, then a pair of couples canvas shoes, swept the campus for a while, although it is not so hot, but the campus wearing canvas shoes or a few. Xiao Bian as a canvas shoes to wear lovers, for each pair of canvas shoes are love plus, so it will be on their own canvas shoes will be maintained. There will be a lot of questions here, and certainly the same as I have it, that is, every day for a pair of socks, handsome canvas shoes for a long time still smell, in fact, because the maintenance problem, and see if I give We introduce some of the maintenance methods bars Soft and delicate breathable effect is better, rubber soles, softness nike shoes and grip are great, do not worry to slip yo, personalized fashion canvas shoes, a shoe to wear, at home when you can wear as a slippers Oh. Very delicate a canvas shoes, upper fabric details, breathable good, no longer have to worry about boring feet, comfortable experience. The whole paragraph is very fine to do the workmanship, car line can be a good embodiment of the details, it is fine friends.

Shoes in the manufacturing process, there will be a general load volume, that is, when you try on the body of the body feel. After you pass through for a while, you will find that because the feet of their own heat and moisture, the shoes will feel a little more relaxed. And every time after washing shoes, will find the shoes seem tight again. Yes, canvas shoes after cleaning and sun exposure will be more tight after some. This may cause you to change the body feel of the running shoes. So, discount nike shoes do not wash shoes too high frequency. Shoes through the denim fabric left a deep impact, a very casual feeling, urban sports enthusiasts or casual wear can be like Oh, cowboy wind is now more like a spiritual symbol, rock, hip-hop is like , It is more people to highlight the trend of personality choice friends.

Want to find a bright lebron 14 spot in the body, this shoe is very good, the use of creative bionic concept design, according to the shape of the Beetle animal inspired by the creative design, full of sports winds are the way to show the performance, highlight the tide men's temperament. We are wearing a canvas when the shoes are easy to smell, so the source of the smell, mostly from the insoles, because a lot of things we often wash socks is not easy to wash the insole, socks can change more, but the insoles we usually Relatively small, so often not easy to wash the insole. But most of the bacteria is from the insole, so please remember to wash shoes before, but also to do another insole cleaning. Take the shoes away from the insole. There are a lot of colors can choose Oh, personality trend leisure sports shoes, comfortable sports men, wear to experience a good sense of comfort Oh, personalized shoelace hole is very prominent personality Oh The design of the shoes is not suitable for too much contact with the water, so try to wash the shower with the practice of shower. Canvas shoes clean wash method is the first water, the detergent after the brush through a return, and then sprayed through the washing dry air. If you feel that the effect of dry air can be placed in front of the fan blowing net. But do not expose the sun. If you want to be lazy, put the washing machine, it is not recommended to do so, because this practice will actually damage the life of shoes. But if you want to cheap nike air max adhere to the use of washing machines, it is recommended to use the slowest speed and the shortest washing time, in addition to shoes, put a few towels thrown into the wash together. Towels will help the washing machine when the shoe, the impact of the shoes in the drum buffer.