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Home / News > Wide leg pants do not look good? You may not wear shoes!


Wide leg pants do not look good? You may not wear shoes!

Although the popular pants now have a new change, however, wide leg pants because good to wear good ride does not pick the characteristics of the time, not yet from the fashion stage to quit. All along, we all feel wide leg pants wild, do not pick people, but how to wear is not as good as the street to shoot the good-looking. why? Probably because you did not wear shoes. In order to hold up wide leg pants, a word short girl, most will choose a pair of high waterproof heel high heels, both high, wear it will not be too tired. But this happens to be wrong with! Wide leg pants would have a sense of volume, if coupled with heavy thick bottom, but gives a feeling of stilts. Or for a pair of lightweight high heels! Positive exposed feet, but also elongated leg lines, the side is also more light! Some girls nike sneakers like to match the slippers, but the complex style nike sale of flat shoes is not suitable for wide leg pants, he will make you black nike shoes look very dirty. If you really want to wear slippers, then pick about 7 points long pants long wide leg pants, exposed ankle, vertical stretch about the legs line.

In fact, there are a lot of false demonstrations on the wide leg pants and shoes, and some popular shoes, such as thick water table shoes, ugly slippers, wrapped shoes and so on, these shoes and then popular, not suitable for wide Leg pants. Want to wear wide leg pants, with a pair of suitable shoes is very important. We come to see, wide leg pants should be with what shoes with more appropriate! With the purpose of pointed high heels is to converge the overall line, so that the hypertrophy of the wide leg pants have a slim finish. No matter what length of your wide leg pants, with pointed high heels, absolutely not wrong! And the height of pointed high heels do not necessarily need to hate days high, 5-8cm comfort is just just good. Leather sheep's suede vamp, revealing the elegance and elegance of the shoes, soft and delicate touch, comfortable and comfortable. Shoes heel unique romantic straps, gentle and the atmosphere, both ring in the ankle, showing off the ankle of the weight loss and elegant, but also directly in the back to help become an elegant bow, full of romance and sexy. Wine-type fine high-heeled, even more elegant and noble temperament.

If you choose a wide leg pants have a strong sense of drape, then it must maintain its sense of movement, select the thin sandals, it will not destroy this sense of movement. Wide leg pants pants long only 7 minutes or so, it can also choose some sense of the ankle sense of sandals, can show off your good ankle! Delicate soft suede, comfortable touch, elegant and noble, ankle straps and metal pendants, each point of the design are highlighted in the ankle of the elegant weight, so that the feet more charming. Shining with a charming luster of the metal decoration, fashionable and avant-garde, walking to stir the whole shoes of the Smart atmosphere. Exquisite romantic glass-shaped high-heeled, highlighting the elegance of women. Do not think that wide leg pants can not match with the flat shoes, that is actually you will not wear! Choose a pair of pointed flat shoes, can be a perfect solution to your worry about the lack of anxiety. Pointed to the legs can be extended in the visual line, so even if you wear a long section of wide leg pants, no need to worry about the same can nike outlet store be long legs. Of course, if the choice of nine pants long, revealing ankle, it would be better! Very comfortable pair of flat shoes, soft and delicate sheep suede surface, elegant and noble. Fresh and elegant colors, after wearing a very temperament, the women's gentle and atmospheric manifestation of the most vividly. Irregular uppers design, fashion and innovation, unique highlights, pointed design, in the elongated leg lines at the same time, also appears slender feet.